Monday, October 16, 2006

Some comic relief...

One of my friends who is a fellow UF alum with a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor posted this on our fantasy football league's message board yesterday:

The Gators Lost...

to Auburn - I hate those redneck fuckers - hate 'em always have. But I must admit that as I got home last night, slightly depressed from our National Title hopes going down the drain, I turned on the tube and had to rub my eyes to make sure that I was actually seeing what I was seeing.

Now I may have a bit of a different take on this because as you all know I have nothing but awe and admiration for anyone who has ever tightened a chin-strap and gone in to do Battle - gone to WAR - you know, been a Warrior; boy did I feel proud of being a citizen of this "mecca' that we call Miami.

I know. I know - it was embarrassing it was a disgrace, these guys are thugs - Bullshit. I say to the haters out there unless you been in that cauldron that is a football game - unless you've been through that crucible - well buddy you've got no business opining on the matter. What? Some guy comes out a disrespects your boys and youre gonna sit there and take it? Not me - I'm grabbin a helmet and lettin' the haymakers fly. This is football baby - FOOTBALL - this ain't chess, this ain't track or swimming or cross country or gymnastics.

I don't like UM but in this instance I agree 1000% with the way they protected their house anybody else with a pair of balls would have done the same. Some of you guys in this league are in advertising - you oughta pitch the video of that brawl to Underarmor so they can incorporate it in to their next ad. I can just see it now "We Will Protect this HOUSE! Click Clack Click Clack - whatever.

Anyway I think it''ll be a Long time before any of these UM wannabes from FIU try pullin any shit at the OB. And consider this - they were lucky that Baltimore wasn't on a bye week 'cause they woulda had Ray Lewis on their asssss and Ray Ray don't fuck around with Helmets and Crutches just ask that guy in Atlanta.
I'm still laughing.

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Frugie said...

lmao. gotta love the U