Friday, October 20, 2006

I dedicate this one to the Bulldogs out there

The other day I wrote about my personal reflections on the UF/UGA rivalry. Not too long ago my blog partner, Mergz, penned this piece and posted it at Zook Free Zone. I thought it would be appropriate to post it here now because it's time to forget about Auburn and concentrate on dem mangy dawgs.

Georgia-Florida overall record examined

Georgia fans love to spout off about the “overall record” of the Florida-Georgia series. In a way, it is hard to blame them, seeing as they are 2-14 against Florida since 1990.

It is true the overall record is in Georgia’s favor. As every downtrodden Dawg fan exiting the latest loss at Jacksonville is apt to mutter, “Hey Gators, the overall record is 45-36-2”. Most Bulldog fans know the record so precisely that it must be taught in Athens.

But let us examine exactly how the record was built. In doing so, some surprising information emerges.

Let us take Florida’s position that the first real game between the schools was played in 1915. (UGA claims a game in 1904, but UF was not located in Gainesville until 1906. They played a club team of the Florida Agriculture College). From 1915 to 1929 there were a total of 8 games, with Georgia going 6-2.

So, Georgia’s record prior to the 1930’s: 6-2 (75%)

Then, for the decade of the 1930’s, UGA went 8-1-1.

Georgia’s overall record by 1939: 14-3-1 (77%)

Due to World War II, UF did not field a team in 1943. So for the 1940’s, the record was 7-2 in Georgia’s favor.

Georgia’s overall record by 1949: 21-5-1 (77%).

So, during the leather football helmet era, Georgia had a commanding lead.

In the 1950’s, football became serious in Florida. For the decade, Georgia went 4-6 against UF.

Georgia’s overall record by 1959: 25-11-1 (68%)

In the 1960’s, Florida again had the edge, with UGA going 3-6-1.

Georgia’s overall record by 1969: 28-17-2 (60%)

In the 1970’s, Georgia got back on track. UGA’s record 7-3

Georgia’s overall record by 1979: 35-20-2 (61%)

Georgia again dominated in the 80’s, with an overall record of 8-2.

Georgia’s overall record by 1989: 43-22-2 (64%).

1989 was UGA’s high water mark for the series, with a 21 game lead to show for it.

We all know what happened in the 90’s – Spurrier happened. UGA’s record for the decade verses UF was 1-9.

Georgia’s overall record by 1999: 44-31-2 (57%)

The new century has not brought UGA much relief against UF, and as of this point the Dawgs are 1-5 (with 2 losses to Zook)

Georgia’s overall record by 2006: 45-36-2 (54%)

So, to recap, Georgia’s overall winning percentages in the series at the beginning of each decade were:

1930: 75%
1940: 77%
1950: 77%
1960: 68%
1970: 60%
1980: 61%
1990: 64%
2000: 57%

and, currently:

2006: 54%

Mathematically, starting with UGA’s high point in 1940 (77%) to the current figure, UGA loses 2.87% per decade. Thus, we can show that the series should be even by 2020 (perhaps sooner if recent trends continue).

Looking at this another way, if we remove the wins of the ancient eras, the years when Florida played 7 game seasons against teams like Vedado Tennis Club of Cuba (it actually happened in 1912 in the Bacardi Bowl, with UF winning 28-0).

If we take away games prior to 1930, UGA’s overall record becomes 39-34-2 (52%).

Take away the 1930’s games, and we get 31-33-1 (48%).

That’s right kiddies – Florida has a winning record against Georgia since 1938. If you are less than 68 years old, in your lifetime Florida is the winning program. In the era of the forward pass, in the era of non-leather helmets, Florida has the edge of Georgia.

So, next time some UGA punk sputters about the “overall record”, give them a look over. If they are less than 68 years old, just say – “Not in your lifetime pal”.

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Anonymous said...

You're right. Overall records are for chumps.

It's all about recent history, or in a fan's lifetime.

As a 'Cane, I hate when teams bring up "overall record" since before 1982, the university really didn't bother with the football program.