Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Best Show on TV

Fall is the time that all of our favorite shows come back with new episodes and TV has had a rebirth in the last couple of years with great shows like Grey's Anatomy and Lost, but my favorite show is called Ron Zook, Illinois Head Coach.

Zook stars as himself in this production which is in its second season. I didn't like his previous work in the similarly titled drama that was Ron Zook, Florida Head Coach but he's really starting grow on me as a comedic actor. Whether it's elbowing a player on the sidelines or delivering his patented punchline "we're improving," I can't just get enough of the guy.

Zook Elbows player in memorable scene. (Cue laugh track)
The amazing thing about Ron Zook, Illinois Head Coach is that in every episode we are pretty sure we know how it will turn out but the writers keep finding new and original ways to get us there: rugby punts, trick plays, going for two point conversions on a whim. What's not to like?

I also really like the supporting cast. Pam Ward as the "straight man" announcer to Mike Gottfried's wacky nonsensical color commentator. I heard that he beat out Jerry Van Dyke for the role. Side note: look for Ward to appear in the upcoming miniseries, Martina, about Martina Navratilova.

My only problem with Ron Zook, Illinois Head Coach is that it's not on every week. It's a shame because shows like this don't last forever. The laughs are sure to continue in season three but hopefully the Emmy voters will notice and give RZIHC the nod next spring.

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Gator Duck - GNN Gator Football Fanatics said...

I just noticed in the picture of moRon elbowing # 41... It looks like the zooker has quite a woodie. Could it be that player's screwing up and finding ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is some kind of gay s&m turn-on for the 'ol zooker? Hmmmmmmmmmm...