Thursday, February 04, 2010

Looking for a New Def. Coordinator

It appears that George Edwards will be named the new Defensive Coordinator for Buffalo Bills.

Let me say that if this was known before signing day and not told to the players that signed with us yesterday that is a bs move by our staff.

Update February 5 - 10am

According to Joe Schad, Edwards was offered the Bills job on Signing Day.

Names already thrown around

Corwin Brown - currently the DB coach for the Patriots
Tyrone Nix - currently the DC at Ole Miss
Everett Withers - currently the DC at North Carolina
Taver Johnson - currently the DB coach for Ohio State
Tommy Thigpen - currently the LB coach at Auburn
Kalani Sitake - currently the DC at Utah

You may hear other names but unless they are a minority candidate they will not even be offered the job.


Unknown said...

What makes you think that the D-coordinator has to be a minority, out of curosity? Better for recruiting, PR, ....?

Trader Rick said...

Seems that if this is a minority only job, as you indicate, that would be a racist, prejudiced, illegal, morally reprehensible, stupid, unforgivable, strange, dsscrimatory, biased, and indefensible situation. Just sayin'

Andrew said...

Any other former Saban assistants out there worth hiring on?

jj gator said...

So what's your point, Scully? You trying to stir the pot, or do you think you really know what's going on inside UF football? If so, name your so-called "sources" or I'm calling bullshit.

Hogbody Spradlin said...

Over at Get The Picture I would be stoking the conspiracy fires, that Meyer knew all along and had a pre-arranged deal with Gailey, the swine!

Commenting here, there are at least two innocuous possibilities: Edwards kept his mouth shut until after signing day as a show of integrity, or Edwards told Meyer before signing day and Meyer asked him to keep it QT without thinking it through.

Why do you think only minority candidates are eligible?

Scully said...

The DC will be a minority candidate b/c like it or not some recruits will not consider a staff made up of middle-aged white guys.

Can anyone tell me who are the minority members of the staff? Right now it is Stan Drayton, who I believe was given the title of recruiting coordinator, along with his position as Running Back coach and that is it.

In 2009, we had 3 minority members on the staff. Now we have 1. FSU, Tennessee, Alabama and LSU all have 3 minority staff members, UGA has four and Miami has 5 (including the head coach).

That being said the next coach HAS to be a minority.

For what it is worth, I am hearing that Corwin Brown is unlikely to leave New England. The two hottest names are Harbison, the current Co-DC at Clemson, who was recently named one of the top recruiters by Rivals, and Teryl Austin who is currently the DB coach with the Arizona Cardinals. Austin has ties to both Loeffler (at Michigan) and Addazio (at Syracuse).

Trader Rick said...

Those recruits that will not consider a staff made up of middle age white guys are racists and not too good at decision making, so maybe are not such good prospects. They should be considering coaches that can make them better athletes or prepare them for the NFL, regardless of race.

Unknown said...

Trader Rick -

They are 18-years-of-age. Rational well-informed decisions is not the hallmark of 18-yr.-olds.

Trader Rick said...

Is this site still active??

Trader Rick said...

guess not. 3/27/10

Trader Rick said...

One week to the Orange and Blue Debut--What have you guys got to say about it???? (4-6-10)

Trader Rick said...


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Trader Rick said...

5-7-2010 Will the Tebow hating ever stop????

Trader Rick said...

5-19-10 Go Gatuh!!