Monday, October 26, 2009

Seen (and heard) at Starkville

Considering my last trip to Starkville was the Zook finale game in 2004, Saturday’s outcome wasn’t that bad at all.

Yes, that is a real (dead) Gator. If he had been a little bigger I might have been more impressed.

The near fracas that occurred pregame. And those cowbells…

Although our offense clearly has issues, I’m not as concerned overall regarding the big picture. The simple reason is that we might be witnessing the best Gator defense ever. I am planning a post later this week laying out the reasons why this looks like a championship Gator team.

I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow Gator blogger “BS” of The Gator Report on the trip, and I would point our readers to his site for excellent game analysis.

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Dan said...

I was last in Starkville for a game in 1985. GOD! I hate those cowbells. Always enjoy reading your blog! Go Gators