Wednesday, January 09, 2008

End the Sham-pionship

The number of critics of the Bowls & Polls system is growing all the time. That makes us very happy here because almost since our first post we've been denouncing the sham that is the national championship of major college football.

Some recent columns and articles for your consideration.

12/31 "A Crowning Shame" by Wendell Barnhouse (Star-Telegram)
1/8 "Georgia president: Schools need to regain control of postseason" (ESPN news)
I-AA Playoff Notes and Facts (I-AA.ORG College Sporting News)
1/7 "Another season wasted without a playoff
College football needs a czar to fix this broken system" by Mike Celizic article (MSNBC)

U-Ga. Leader Urges NCAA To Use Playoff

Hat Tip to Gator Duck and Instigator at Zook Free Zone.


Anonymous said...

What a joke, University of Georgia telling the NCAA that their "undercutting sportsmanship and integrity of the game"'s a team that in the last 10 years has only traveled a combined total of 358 miles to play the game of football, less than any team from any conference in the United States. University of Georgia President Michael F. Adams gets the ASSHAT of the month award. Shut him up.

Anonymous said...

Hey johnnyk,
You should shut up cause your Gators haven't played a nonconference game outside of Florida since 1991 when they got beat up in Syracuse. Maybe that why you stay home, he he he. BCS teams should travel to play nonconference BCS teams to keep it all legitimate.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Oh and what was OSU last year. Oh you don't count Bowl games. And you qualify it with out of state. Why? We've played Miami and FSU.

Maybe you should shut up.

Anonymous said...

JohnnyK RAWKS~! I love that Jawja's president was perfectly content with the system just the way it is, until HIS team happened to get "screwed" by it, and now all of a sudden it must be changed. Hey Jawja, WIN YOUR CONFERENCE. Also, try not to lose to the Vols by 20 next time. LSU's two losses were by 8 points COMBINED.

Idiots like him actually HURT our collective campaign for a playoff.

Anonymous said...

Oh, not to mention that team and school are the LAST ones who should be talking about sportsmanship. Someone needs to tell them that "sportsmanship" does NOT mean "gathering your whole team for an endzone celebration after scoring the first TD of the game".

Screw 'em. Jawja not even being considered for the title is karmic justice for Richt trying to turn into the college version of Bill Belichick.

Anonymous said...

Okay last comment, I promise :-)

Isn't it interesting that ABC/ESPN is suddenly all about a playoff system now that they've lost the rights to every BCS game except the Rose to Fox? Because they sure did think the BCS was all that when they had the rights to it--and defended it through far worse debacles than this season I might add. It sure is funny how none of those guys were for instance clamoring for USC to be named co-champ back in '03. Hmmm...

jj gator said...

Yeah Anon, STFU and take your smack elsewhere. Don't come onto a Gator site and start stirring up shit before you check your facts.

Back on topic, I read the article about UGA's president calling for a playoff. He makes some valid arguments as to why there should be a playoff as opposed to the BCS, and what he proposes isn't that far-fetched. Yeah, he does put his foot in his mouth making that "sportsmanship" comment after what the UGA players did in the WLOCP with that bench-clearing celebration, but his point is that the BCS needs to be scrapped. Read more into that article and Mike Celizic's as well, and it's easy to see how asinine and bogus the BCS system really is.

Gator Duck said...

I encourage everbody to read this material. It won't take long and together they provide a very good perspective on the issue.

Many of you probably didn't know that Div I-AA, with 120 teams, has had a 16 team playoff for 28 consecutive years! If they can do it...

Also, against the argument of keeping it within 1 scholastic session, consider basketball. Half the session is in the fall session and the other half is in the winter session.