Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Regular Season Final Power Ratings

1 Ohio St. 2.3725
2 LSU 2.3151
3 Missouri 2.2692
4 Virginia Tech 2.1947
5 Florida 2.1943
6 West Virginia 2.1873
7 Oklahoma 2.1749
8 Boston College 2.1467
9 South Fla. 2.1264
10 Clemson 2.1208
11 BYU 2.1143
12 Kansas 2.1143
13 Illinois 2.0971
14 Georgia 2.0928
15 Southern California 2.0539
16 Oregon 2.0023
17 Arizona St. 1.9871
18 Hawaii 1.9794
19 Oregon St. 1.9663
20 Texas 1.9477
21 Penn St. 1.9449
22 Wisconsin 1.9316
23 Cincinnati 1.9273
24 Kentucky 1.9112
25 Michigan 1.9059

For information on our un-biased methodology see here. A “perfect score” would be a “3”, which would mean an undefeated team with the top offense and the top defense against the hardest schedule.

What the Power Ratings indicate is that Ohio State and LSU are essentially a “push” (0.0574 difference) in playing at a neutral location. However, New Orleans can’t really said to be “neutral”.

Thus perhaps the game might be a little closer than our meant-to-be humorous, but evidently unappreciated, entries below.

To our friend the SMQ I would say – “How dare you mock our mocking!”

It must be remembered that although we make a claim of sagaciousness, we are also partisan to both our team and our conference. Moreover, we “owe” Ohio State perhaps a decade of such commentary after the unprecedented level of unsportsmanlike fan behavior we experienced in Glendale.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting results. Missouri ahead of Oklahoma is amusing, as is Illinois ahead of USC. And Georgia not that far from Hawaii. If your numbers are right, we're in store for 4 good BCS game.

I'm hard pressed to belive that Illinois has a chance against USC though.

Mergz said...

Of all the results the Missouri - Oklahoma one is most troubling. I suppose techinally Missouri's 2 losses are to a better team than Oklahoma's 2 losses, but that team is of course Oklahoma.

I don't have trouble with the USC rating at all. USC has played a downright pathetic schedule ranked 80th in the nation per the NCAA. At 80th they are one spot ahead of - Kansas. We still don't know how good USC really is or isn't, and I think Illinois gives them a good game.

Anonymous said...

You could be right, and I truly hope so. Because the way I'm seeing it, only the WV-OU game is worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Non-biased? Your #14 team beats your #5 team by 12 points, but it's not biased? Your #5 team, with 3 losses, is two spots ahead of the team that beat your #3 team twice? Yeah, no bias at all.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Anon, perhaps your not too fluent in the English language. The results of the power rankings are arguably faulty but that does not mean they are biased. Biased would be if they were manipulated to get a certain outcome. The formula for these power rankings is available at the link Mergz provided. If you have a beef with it or a recommendation on how to improve it, I'm sure Mergz will listen. But you can't play the outcome and say it's biased.