Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Friendly Wager

Since Ohio State is to go from “Gator-Bait” to “Ti-Gah Bait” in only 1 year’s time, here is a little friendly bet for our conference mates – can you beat the Buckeyes worse than we did?

The “line”* is 27 points. We know LSU is going to win – but can the Tigers top a 27 point margin?

Taking all wagers.

Fun Fact: No SEC team has EVER lost a BCS Title game, the only conference undefeated in BCS title play.

*SEC line, explained as the margin by which SEC teams beat Big Ten teams. Or the difference between 41-14, if you like.


Anonymous said...

HA!!! Not a chance. LSU just doesn't feel right unless they're coming from behind in the 4th and converting a minimum of two 4th downs per game.

They'll still win of course but it won't be by anywhere near 27.

Anonymous said...

Ohio State is also 0-9 all time against the SEC in bowl games.

Gator Duck said...

So right, year2. And the Tigahs better not be the ones to mess up that stat.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know LSU record against the Buckeye's. I only remember them getting beat once when they went up to Ohio to play back in the late 80's or was it early 90's?

Anonymous said...

Because a few leagues have adopted conference championships for purely financial gain in recent football history, doesn't mean that all leagues should follow.

You folks bring up this bogus SEC superiority bias, BigTen went 2-1 last year vs the SEC, and then change the argument to support your biased opinion, "the game that mattered".

I agree that presently, the SEC is a stronger conference but it's false that the SEC or any other conference is the best year in and year out.

Ohio State is 0-8 versus the SEC in bowl games but how many of those were played in SEC home territory? OSU is 1-0-1 versus LSU and 7-2-2 versus the SEC in regular season play.

After this season, it's obvious that one game can be an anomaly yet SEC fans seem to use one game from last year as the measuring stick for an entire century of football.

Anonymous said...

First: I'm an SEC fan, but can we check the "Fun Fact" - Every SEC team has won it's BCS championship game, true. But will this be the first time that they're actually favored to win?