Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What I fear most...

As a Gator fan the one thing I fear the most about January 8th is not a blowout. If OSU hammers the Gators like Nebraska did after the 1995 season, I could live with it. I won't be happy about it but I could live with knowing that we were truly the inferior team. No, what would give me nightmares for years to come is a complete meltdown like Boise State ALMOST had today in the Fiesta Bowl on the same field the Gators and Buckeyes will play on in exactly one week.

Side note: The best comment made by an announcer this bowl season was made at the end of this thriller when the announcer said that it's games like these by teams like Boise that scream for a playoff system. I couldn't agree more. It's time to end the charade of bowls and polls and claims and give the players what they deserve, a legitimate way to crown a true National Champion.

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jj gator said...

If tOSU beats us you can be sure the ranters will come over the woodwork, there'll be fans bashing Meyer and the Spurrier-sycophants will climbing back atop their soapboxes. Too many Gator fans expect and demand perfection; they can't and/or won't be satisfied with the fact that we indeed exceeded expectations this season by reaching the NC game as well as won the SEC championship.

I'll be disappointed with a loss, but should tht happen I'll still be proud of this team and Coach Meyer. We still stand to bring in a top-10 recruiting class, and we've come a long way since the damage Zook did to our football program.

Should the Gators win I hope that will further justify and solidify the argument for a playoff in Division 1-A instead of this cockamamie BCS system.