Friday, June 11, 2010

R.I.P. Big 12

The conference formally known as the Big 12 will lose its remaining marquee members on Tuesday June 15th.

The Austin Statesman (Austin, TX newspaper) is reporting that the Texas University System is meeting on Tuesday and after that meeting it will announce that the University of Texas and Texas Tech will be leaving the Big 12 for the Pac 10. Apparently, Texas A&M is still discussing the possibility of joining the SEC, although severing ties with the other Texas state universities does not seem likely to me - given the financial and political ramifications. is also reporting this to be true and Chip Brown was the one that broke the whole Texas to the Pac 10 story in the first place.

The Daily Oklahoman (another newspaper) is reporting that both Oklahomas and Oklahoma State will be leaving the Big 12 but they will not announce their intentions until after Texas announces its intentions.

Is it just me or do all these other Big 12 schools come off like Texas's bitch? In the words of a friend of mine from a Big 12 school, the David McWilliams era wasn't that long ago.


ConnGator said...

I sure hope Texas A&M shows a backbone and joins the SEC along with Mizzou, VaTech, and FSU.

Dan said...

The lack of testicular fortitude is very evident. It is UT arrogance that created this situation in the first place. I would certainly love to have A&M. They are a great fit and really expand the conference boundaries. I do take string issue with inviting FSU under ANY circumstances and not just because I'm a Gator. Why would any SEC team want to add a team on probation for academic cheating? I think not. Besides, they add nothing financially to the conference. I hope A&M comes over, but the pressure on them to must be massive. Perhaps the desire to no longer be subservient to UT will win out. I hope that is the case.

Scully said...

Update ***********

Chip Brown (breaker of the original story) is now reporting Texas A&M board of regents has enough votes to accept the bid to join the SEC.

If that happens look for the SEC to turn their attention to either Va Tech or North Carolina.

Trader Rick said...

Go Gatuh!

Trader Rick said...