Thursday, June 10, 2010


The expansion dominoes are officially falling with the announcement that Colorado becomes the 11th team in the Pac-10. It is seems all but certain that Nebraska will announce they are becoming the 12th team in the Big 10.

In a response to these two moves, the AD's at Texas and Texas A&M are meeting at somepoint today to discuss their futures. Interestingly enough, Andy Staples has an article on stating that Mike Slive and the A&M brass met months ago to discuss their potential interest in joining the SEC. Did you realize that A&M ranked 22nd in the Nation in athletic revenue? I know I didn't.

I absolutely love the idea of A&M becoming a member of the SEC, and I don't need the Longhorns to be a part of the deal to make me happy. As a matter of fact, I would prefer that they not join our beloved conference. It is Texas's arrogance that is leading to the disolution of the Big 12; and Texas was a constant source of frustration for both Nebraska and Colorado, and I am not talking about the football field. I think the Aggies would fit in rather nicely in the SEC West. There is an old SWC rival in Arkansas. A&M and Alabama could have an annual game commemorated with the winner getting a bronzed houndstooth hat. A&M and Miss. St. could battle in the Jackie Sherrill Bowl. The possibilities are endless.

So who is next for the SEC? To make the argument more interesting OU, Texas, Ok. State and Texas Tech cannot be in the discussion.


Gil said...

throw Texas & A&M into the West along with FSU and then put Miami, GT and Clemson in the East.

In State rivalries stay intact in South Carolina, get enhanced again in Florida and GT comes back to the SEC and gets its rivalry with UGA to actually matter.

Just my 2 cents -- will never happen.

E.J. said...

I prefer Va Tech, UVA, Clemson. Truly Southeastern. Tradition without Texas swagger. I honestly think i would rather have Duh U and FSWho then Texas, Texas A&M. Those two just seem wrong somehow. Ok, maybe not, but I like it the way it is, happy, rich and winning championships.

Chris said...

UVA, as well as the Tobacco Road schools, will NEVER join the SEC. They will always view the SEC as academically "inferior", and they're simply too uppity for this conference.

I like VT, GT, Clemson, and FSU, though. Keep Miami out because they can't attract the same TV market and fan base as the other four.

Jams said...

Ideally: A&M, Kansas, UNC, Duke. Brings in some major markets, and puts arguably the 4 best basketball teams under one roof. But I understand that's totally unrealistic.

So how about A&M, Missouri, VT, Clemson/GT? I hope that if the SEC does expand, they keep things contiguous.

Regardless, I'm in total agreement that Texas A&M = good, Texas = bad.

J. D. said...

Mr. SEC has had a pretty thorough rundown of potential SEC dance partners. I like the idea of adding Texas A&M, but I'm torn about who else I would like to see added.

Texas obviously brings money, but they appear to be dead set to go to the PAC-googalplex so they can play at 3am in Hong Kong against an 0-fer Washington State team.

If the SEC caps at 14, the obvious choices are:
1. FSU (I really hate that idea)
2. Virginia Tech
3. Missouri
4. Clemson
5. Georgia Tech

If the league goes to 16, it gets more interesting, because a school like Kansas could come into play (each NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament win = $1 Million to the conference). Maybe UVa or a combination of the Carolina schools would be in play too, but all of this would be contingent upon solidifying the football lineup, and squaring away TV markets.

Jams said...

Right, TV markets are obviously the #1 reason for expansion, and the #1 reason FSU, Miami, Clemson, and Georgia Tech don't make sense. The SEC already gets broadcast to every TV in those markets.

Trader Rick said...

Welcome Back!

Unknown said...

Welcome Back!

I have been giving it a fair amount of thought myself. If the Big Ten stands pat for now with just adding Nebraska and the Pac 10 adds just one more team (Utah maybe?) then the SEC stands pat. If the Pac 10 does the monster Pac 16 they mentioned as an option they are considering, then I see the SEC adding two more teams, to grow to a larger but still manageable 14.

Now, that said, I like Kansas and K-State. The provide TV markets that SEC doesn't reach into yet (unlike GT/Clemson/FSU/UM) and they provide football teams that are solid, but not powerhouses likely to upset the power balances that already exist. Kansas is even a AAU member (like Florida and Vandy) so there is a academic benefit as well.

Lost in the football is the effect that these moves would have on other sports, basketball in particular. Adding Kansas and K-State would give the SEC a huge prestige boost there.

Something to consider at least.

ConnGator said...

I, too, vote VaTech if we only go to 14. If we go to 16, I agree with Mr. SEC and add Mizzou and FSU.

Welcome to the SEC, Texas A&M! Prepare to face tough defenses.

Scully said...

FSU (and Miami for that matter) don't contribute anything that the SEC doesn't already have.

I say A&M, North Carolina and Va Tech. The fourth school is the difficult one - maybe Mizzou is the answer.