Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Where to start

There is so much going on right now it is next to impossible to pick a place to start discussing the State of our beloved Gators.

The Sugar Bowl

1. Now this is the team that we were all expecting to see when Tebow announced he was coming back after the National Championship game. It is amazing how well a team can play when the burden of being perfect is taken away. We finally saw a team that was loose and having fun. Those of us (myself included) with concerns about Steve Addazio as offensive coordinator got to see what I believe is Addazio preferred gameplan - throw the ball all over the field without abandoning the run. Seemed to work pretty good - and as my 6 year-old said to me last night I can't wait for football season to start again.

The Staff

1. Urban Meyer. I know that there are some cynics out there but Meyer really didn't look "right" after the game, at least not to me. I know that Bernie Machen did an interview with Andy Staples of SI.com where he stated that Meyer did not require surgery to fix the problem, but if I had to guess I would say that Meyer has an issue with a heart valve. The valve could probably stay in its current condition, if Meyer were to give up any stressful activity, however if Meyer wanted to continue to coach valve replacement surgery would be necessary. I imagine that Meyer will have the surgery sometime between the last week of January and the middle of February, this will allow 6 month healing period prior to fall practice.

2. Steve Addazio. He has gone from the person that a majority of the fans wanted to have replaced to leader of the program in the blink of an eye. My understanding is that he has more say in recruiting than he did before Meyer's leave of absence. The increased role is believed to be a main reason for the committment of Dominique Easley during the Under Armor Game. Also don't be surprised to see Ace Sanders get a commitable offer now that Addazio is running the show, since Ace is one of his favorite players.

3. Kenny Carter. My understanding is that Carter will join Charlie Strong at Louisville. He will take the same position. I think that it is fair to say that Carter was allowed to leave in the same way Hevesy was allowed to leave to Mississippi State last year.

4. Charlie Strong. There were quotes going around from Strong stating that he wouldn't be poaching our coaches. Apparently that all changed when Meyer resigned for 12 hours. Typically when someone on your staff takes a job as a head coach at another school, the coach that is leaving meets with his former boss. At that meeting it is determined which coaches the new head coach can approach about going with him. My understanding is that Vance Bedford was not on that original list. Bedford is well respected and crucial with regards to recruiting db's. Strong has officially offerred Bedford the title of DC at Louisville.

5. Vance Bedford. At this point who knows. It is my feeling from what is being tossed around that keeping Vance Bedford is priority number 1 to Meyer/Addazio. I think this is part of the reason why a defensive coordinator has not been named yet - and yes I know it is being reported the DC title was given to Chuck Heater but I don't think that is official yet. The more we hear that Bedford is going to see Florida recruits, the better this plays out for the Gators. For the record he is supposed to have an in-home with Cody Riggs on Thursday. I think at the end of the day Bedford will be a Co-DC with Chuck Heater or he won't on this staff.

6. Chuck Heater. Possibly a candidate for the Marshall DC job, but unlikely to take it, especially with his increased role on the Gator staff. Could and most likely will end up at least the Co-DC at Florida. Part of the reason that I think no one has been named DC yet is because it is possible that Meyer will need the DC title to lure the right candidate to Gainesville, whomever that may be.

7. DJ Durkin. Rumored to be the new special teams coach and potentially a LB coach. Played for Urban Meyer at Bowling Green and was most recently on Jim Harbaugh's staff at Stanford. Meyer getting the staff's "ducks in a row" has to be the only reason why Durkin hasn't been announced yet.

Juniors to the NFL

1. Joe Haden. He has declared and should be the first CB picked - most likely between 10-15.

2. Carlos Dunlap. Cannot imagine that he will come back but that is what he was telling everyone prior to the Sugar Bowl. I think the pre-draft paperwork will say he is an early first round pick and he will leave.

3. Aaron Hernandez. It is being reported that he has already declared, but nothing official yet. Prior to his performance at the Sugar Bowl he was a lock to stay. He is a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

4. Maurkice Pouncey. I hear he is leaving after receiving a good pre-draft report.

5. Michael Pouncey. I hear he is staying. I think this is smart, since it was highly unlikely that the twins would be drafted by the same team.

I will get to the recruits later today or tonight.


Scully said...

Update 1/6/10

I am hearing that Vance Bedford will be joining the Louisville staff after Friday. Apparently Charlie Strong has requested that they finish out their obligations to Florida and continue to state that Florida is the best place for the recruits as students. In addition the Louisville staff will not recruit anyone that is currently committed to UF.

Scully said...

Names on the top of the list to replace Bedford:

1. Corwin Brown - most recently on the ND staff as a Co-DC.

2. Taver Johnson - currently the DB coach Ohio State. Was recently in Gainesville for an interview.

3. Everett Whithers - current DC at North Carolina.

Remember that the staff must consist of at least 20% minorities and after the defections and hires there is only 1 minority staff member - Stan Drayton.

jj gator said...
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jj gator said...

Scully, would you mind telling me who your "source" is? If you want to share this with me in private, let me know what your email addy is.

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