Monday, December 07, 2009

What we learned this past weekend:

1. It is tough being the head coach at the University of Florida. This senior class has won more games than any class in SEC history, 2 National Championships, 2 SEC titles and possibly a third BCS bowl game and the Gator fanbase is de-crying this season as a failure. Sadly this reminds me of the fans reactions after the 2001 season.

2. Steve Addazio struggled all season against the good defensive coordinators (Tennessee, Arksansas and Alabama) and Saturday was no different. For the life of me, I don't understand why we ran the ball with our running backs only 4 times Saturday. So while it is true that Tebow mis-read at least two touchdown passes in the first half and our receivers dropped some key passes throughout the game, our offensive gameplan strayed from our strength. Not only that, we never adjusted to what Alabama was doing. The role of a first-time offensive coordinator cannot be understated with regards to this season's struggles on offense.

3. The defense was out-prepared. Alabama came out in new formations for the personnel they had on the field and it confused us from the opening series. I was shocked by the fact that we had no clue how to stop them. That being said, the refs missed a couple of blatant holding calls - not the least of which was on Ingram's screen pass.

4. The days of our staff allowing the team to police themselves is over after this year's bowl game, and maybe sooner. While Carlos Dunlap's error in judgement did not lose the game for us, it certainly effected how we played. In the future Coach Meyer will leave nothing to chance, no matter how strong the senior class is.

5. Charlie Strong leaving for Louisville isn't a lock. Word around Gainesville is that Jeremy Foley is going to make a substantial offer to Charlie Strong to keep him on the Gator staff. If Strong does leave however, don't be surprised to see Billy Gonzales offered the offensive coordinator position.

6. With the hiring of Eddie Gran, Florida State isn't straying from its roots. Gran, who has focused on South Florida for both Auburn and Tennessee, has long recruited in the gray-area of the rules. The treatment of Nu'Keese Richardson by Kiffin directly led to Gran leaving the Vols.

7. The maneuvering of bowl bids to allow Florida State to play 1st in the State of Florida and 2nd against West Virginia in Bobby Bowden's last game underscores the ridiculousness of the current bowl system. Isn't it great that Bowden's last game is a public display of him saying he is bigger than college football?

8. Finally, I would like to thank the Alabama fan that was riding my 6 year-old son during the 3rd and 4th quarter of the game as we watched the game in the lounge area of the Polynesian at Disney World. Now he hates Alabama and Nick Saban too. There are pluses and minuses with everything.


Anonymous said...

re: #2

We ran the ball FOUR times with our running backs Saturday night, not 14.

Tebow: 10 carries, 63 yds
Rainey: 2 carries, 7 yds
Demps: 1 carry, 9 yds
James: 1 carry, 9 yds

This is the story of the night in my opinion, and I don't think I'll ever understand it.

Scully said...

sorry for the typo. i will change it.

Andrew said...

3. 3 holds and a block in the back to be more precise.

9. Ball control is everything. If you don't touch the ball, you can't score, and you don't win.

Jams said...

re: #7

Also comical is the fact that due to the maneuvering toward getting a Bowden "dream" matchup, FSU will be playing a team much higher than them on the food chain. The 'Noles will thus be much more likely to send Bowden off with a losing record (6-7) than they would if they were playing, say, Kentucky.

Maya said...

What does Strong leaving have to do with Gonzalez being offered offensive coordinator?

Scully said...

Offensive Coordinator at Louisville.