Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I don’t want to kick a man when he is down, but after the revelation this week that a 4th player was arrested this month in Knoxville I have to ask the question: Was Al Davis right? Is Lane Kiffin a pathological liar incapable of telling the truth? When reporters question the Tennessee head coach after the arrest of 3 players for attempted armed robbery, Kiffin stated that the program made it 11 months and 11 days without an incident. Unfortunately, for Volunteer fans, that wasn’t exactly true. You see five days earlier, Nyshier Oliver, a freshman, was arrested for shoplifting a $110 shirt from Dillard’s the day before the Tennessee/Memphis game. The staff was aware of the trouble since Oliver, who was on the initial roster for the game, did not dress out. My understanding is that Oliver has not been a part of team activities since the incident.

FSU – my sources in Tallahassee have told me that Greg Hudson has emerged as the leading candidate to replace Mickey Andrews as defensive coordinator next year. Hudson is currently the DC at East Carolina University.

FSU – who doesn’t enjoy a little interview with Ann Bowden?

Florida - The Gators received a verbal commitment from Josh Shaw yesterday. Josh Shaw is a 6’1” 180lb cornerback from Eureka, CA. Shaw chose the Gators over Ohio State and USC, and had offers from over 25 schools. Shaw’s commitment adds to what is already the best incoming secondary in the nation.

CBS – this year has been far and away Verne Lundquist’s worst year of broadcasting. Sure he has that catchy “Oh My” call and sometimes it is exclaimed at the appropriate time. But this year, Verne has become Gary Danielson’s little brother. What does that mean, you ask. Well Danielson, who in my book is the best in the business, will point something out during the game and harp on it the same way your little brother does until it loses its effect. Using the Florida/South Carolina game as an example – Danielson quickly pointed out that Stephen Garcia had 2 passes tipped in the first series, and both were on 3 step drops. Any time a pass was tipped after that we could count on Verne saying "there's another tipped pass". In fact during one series Verne exclaimed (remember Verne doesn't say anything during a play he yells it) “Oh my, another pass tipped.” The replay showed that the pass did not get tipped, no one was actually close to tipping it. Danielson mercifully said “actually Verne that one just went right through his hands”. Danielson astutely points out something (like he did during the LSU/Florida game regarding the dive play being called instead of read) and then Verne beats into the ground, even to the point of making stuff up, until you are sick of hearing it. There aren’t very many games left this year, but let’s try to figure out Verne’s little brother moment this week just for fun. Maybe the Mergz can come over and we can make it into a drinking game like this one.


jj gator said...

Mergz, it turns out that Al Davis was right about Kiffin; this lastest episode in his covering up a player breaking the law exposes him as a liar when he made a statement about having no player arrests - and then wouldn't you know, the "Three Amigos" rob that store.

Seems he loves to dish it out at Urban Meyer, but when it comes back at him it makes him look even more ridiculous.

I've made it a point to press the mute button on Lundquist/Danielson/Tim Brando once they start in with all their nonsense; it gets so tiresome.

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard Kiffin's comment was specifically stating arrests, and technically Oliver wasn't arrested yet (or something like that).

That Brent Musberger drinking game is easily the funniest most complicated drinking game I've ever heard of, my friends and I tried playing once and failed miserably (and drunkenly).

Is it just me or are broadcasters pretty terrible across the board this year?

Scully said...

Kiffin can play the semantics game all he wants, but everyone knows he was lying and now he is trying to cover it up.

Every time I read the Brent Musberger game rules I just start cracking up b/c it is dead on.

jimcaserta said...

Doesn't it matter what man is down? Had Kiffin not talked so much trash about Meyer and UF, you wouldn't enjoy kicking him, but he gets no quarter from this Gator fan.

How much different is Harbaugh going for 2 than Meyer's time-outs late vs UGA? Sure we didn't score, but the message was sent. You take the gloves off, we do too.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

I'm actually embarrassed by how much Verne and Gary have turned into Gator/Tebow/Meyer homers. Normally sports fans think the announcers are against their team. Clearly that's not the case with the CBS crew and the Gators.

Scully said...

I actually love the fact that Harbaugh went for 2. When you have the ball it is your job to score, and the other team's job to stop you. USC has no problem throwing up crazy numbers on PAC-10 teams so why should teams take it easy on them when they are down?

Floridan said...

I don't agree tha they are Gator homers -- anytime a UF opponent puts together some kind of a drive, the doltish duo act like the Gators are back on their heels.

On th eother hand, it's kind of hard to be too critical of a coach who has two National Championships in the past three years and is heading toward a third, or a quarterback how is the sparkplug of the team that has a 20-game win streak.