Sunday, November 08, 2009

Saturday review

1. I really cannot figure out our offense. It is almost as though, the staff says this is all we need to do to win, rather than figuring out a plan to be the most effective offense possible. I think our staff has told the offense the only way we lose is if you guys turn the ball over. And you know what? They are right. This defense is one of the best of all time. 6 tds in 9 games - enough said.

2. If you think Tebow is taking too many hits now, wait until the Alabama game. I said this a couple of weeks ago and Saturday did nothing to change my opinion - Carl Johnson is not a starting Left Tackle in the SEC. Expect Nick Saban's defense in SECCG to blitz extensively and focus on Johnson. His reaction time is slow and his footwork is poor - not a good combination.

3. How happy are the people on the Rose Bowl committee? Thanks to Oregon's loss to Stanford and Iowa's loss to Northwestern, the Rose Bowl is now just another meaningless game between the Pac-10 and Big 10. I would think that Rose Bowl officials are pulling for Ohio State to beat Iowa next weekend (their fans travel great) and for Oregon to win out. As an added bonus to Oregon's loss, now Boise State fans can't say "we beat Oregon" as proudly.

4. The coaching carousel has officially started turning. Notre Dame's 2nd loss in 3 years at home to Navy has to be the straw that breaks the camel's back right? Notre Dame fans have got to be thinking Jon Gruden, Brian Kelly or bust. But my suggestion for Front Butt's replacement is a little outside of the box - Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh is a winner, is familiar with recruiting players that have to meet a higher academic standard, and has shown that he can beat some elite teams with lesser talent.

5. FSU's bowl streak will end this season. The Seminoles are 4-5 and just lost their starting QB for the season. Their last 3 games are @Wake Forest, home against Maryland and @Florida, 1-2 is not out of the question, especially with a freshman QB.

6. While the opening at Memphis will surely tempt Charlie Strong, if offered, I have heard that the Coach Strong will stay in Gainesville with this junior class.


Chris said...

Notre Dame fans will no doubt throw every dime in their endowment at Meyer in the event of a job opening. On the other hand, Urb's treatment of Spikesgate and false "cheater" perception may be enough to send them looking elsewhere.

As for Memphis, I hear some guy named Addazio might be interested. By "might" I mean, "Please, Lord, send him away."

Griffin Caprio said...

re: "The fact that Heisman voters fall for ruses like Javon Ringer putting up numbers because he gets the ball 30+ times every game "

Ironically, this could be mentioned as the reason Tebow won his Heisman. He accounted for a huge percentage of touches on that UF team. Not only passing ( 26.9 attempts / game ), but rushing ( 16.15 attempts / game ) too. His rushing attempts put him in a virtual tie for 7th most among all players in the conference that year.

Griffin Caprio said...

Whoa, sorry about the above comment. Not sure where the hell that came from. Web browser issue.

I'm not sure Meyer is the right guy for ND anymore. Obviously the skills are there, but the past few years, he's been a bit...shady?

I thought Kelly was the obvious choice, but you bring up an interesting candidate in Jim H. Hadn't thought of him before.