Friday, November 06, 2009

Heading into the weekend

Boise State continues to make the argument that they don't belong in the talk about belonging in the BCS series. The argument against the smaller schools isn't that they can't hang with the big boys in one game, the argument is they can't do it week after week. The Broncos look great in their 1 or 2 games against BCS caliber conferences, but the fact of the matter is they are struggling against a horrific La Tech team. Put Boise State in the Pac-10, Big 12 or SEC and they are, at best, a middle of the pack team.

Saturday's games:

1. South Carolina/Arkansas - look for Ryan Mallett to lead the Hogs to the win against the Gamecocks. South Carolina's season is now all about their game with the Gators next weekend.

2. Clemson/FSU - CJ Spiller thrusts himself further into the Heisman discussion. Clemson takes another step towards to the ACC Championship Game. Take the over.

3. Alabama/LSU - For reason I think LSU will pull off the major upset here. I think they put 8 or 9 in the box and dare 'Bama to throw the ball. I don't think Greg McElroy can win a game - maybe he proves me wrong. I expect Russell Sheppard (LSU's touted freshman) to be heavily involved in the offense - running the ball.

4. Florida/Vandy - expect the offense to continue to click and the defense shouldn't miss Spikes this week. The Gators should score a ton of points (45+), and look for the offense to be just as diverse as it was last week.

5. Penn St./Ohio State - this is supposed to be a big game, but does anyone care outside of Happy Valley and Columbus? Penn State should win in a defensive struggle. Penn State is the only team allowing less points per game than the Gators.

6. Oregon State/Cal - Mike Riley's teams always start slow and this year is no different. It was their offense that exposed USC's defense before Oregon de-panted them. Cal struggles against teams that can run the ball. Look for the Beavers to pull the upset.

7. ND/Navy - another game for Clausen to pad his stats. I see Clausen and Ingram as the biggest threats to Tebow's second Heisman, although if LSU wins Ingram's chances will fade.


Trader Rick said...

LSU is only a one score underdog.Geaux Tigerz!

jj gator said...

Scully, Bitche State damn near got their asses handed to them by La. Tech last night; as I saw it the smurf-turfers struggled. Still, their whining continues........

Mergz said...

Kudos on the Oregon State - Cal call.