Sunday, November 01, 2009

Congrats to the 2009 SEC East Champions

And What’s with Georgia?

With a little help from our good friend Lane Kiffin, Florida is the 2009 SEC East Champion. Pencil in your trip to Atlanta.

As for the win that put us there, I’m really starting to wonder if Georgia hasn’t entered the realm of unhealthy obsession of all things Florida. How in the world does it make sense in a season that you are 4-3 to break with a hundred plus year tradition and wear black helmets for the first time? Against a team you are solid double digit underdogs, at that. I thought the black helmets looked very cool, but now they are just a further symbol of Georgia’s futility against Florida. Why not save that for a better year in a game that, you know, mattered?

Moreover what’s with the ridiculous celebration on a TD play that drew Georgia within 4 points at 14-10 early in the second quarter? There was still plenty of game to play, and the Dawgs weren’t even winning. About the celebration Ryan Stamper said "That's a bunch of fake juice, coaches trying to get their players going because it was a pretty close game" And he was exactly right, it looked and felt fake. Not to mention embarrassing.

This was simply an "in-between" year for Georgia, and all good programs have them. There will be years when we are down and Georgia is up, but I’m starting to wonder if our psychological edge is moving towards permanent.


the tri guy said...

Hey Mergz and Gators,

Good game, you're simply on a different level than UGA right now and will be most likely for the rest of my lifetime.

I appreciate that you think we're in a "in-between" year right now, and I wish I could agree. But Richt is in over his head, is getting outworked, and has built up too much goodwill to be canned until the entire situation is a total grease fire.

As for if the psychological advantage is permanent: yeah, pretty much. 1992 and 2002 convinced me of that.

Good luck the rest of the way, I always enjoy the non-kook fringe feel of your site.

Mergz said...

tri guy -

Thanks for the compliment about the blog and the fellow SEC best wishes. I'm a fellow libertarian (and runner, albeit "masters level") so maybe that's where the non-kook vibe comes from...

Trader Rick said...

Hey Tri Guy--how many years approximately is your "rest of my lifetime"? Long time, I hope?

Mergz said...

He looks to be a 20-something Trader Rick...

the tri guy said...

Well, I'm 28 and am rocking a 2-8 record in Jax and I guess 10-19 overall. I don't expect to get to .400 before I go tango uniform.

We have a lot of the same natural advantages that UF does(although to a smaller degree), but we'll never put it together because we'd rather have a coach that builds house and leads mission trips than be prickly and win.

Oh well, what can you do? You love your school and your team, but they don't always love you back.

Floridan said...

I would say this is a non-kook site despite you being a libertarian.

Mergz said...


Point well taken.