Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend predictions

Predictions for the weekend:

1. Texas beats OSU, with its defense.

2. Oregon beats USC – Matt Barkley finally looks like a freshman in Autzen Stadium (the loudest stadium west of the Swamp).

3. South Carolina, with a big game from Ashlon Jeffreys, beats Tennessee in Knoxville. Kiffin complains that the refs should have checked Jeffreys eligibility after he worked at a gas station owned by a South Carolina booster this summer.

4. Lay the points. That is all I am saying about it.

5. Florida State will get to .500. The roller coaster is up this week. Favorite Bowden rumor of the week – That he was getting bought out of his FSU contract (for 4.5 million) and going to coach at UAB next year. Why would UAB want to do that?

6. Mike Leach will coach the game against Kansas Saturday dressed as a pirate. Mark Mangini will try to eat him.

7. Jimmy Clausen will jump to the top of the Heisman race after a huge day against Wash. St.


Zach said...

Living in Houston, I have to deal with Big 12 fans everywhere, even after Florida beat OU and Ole Miss destroyed Texas Tech, every Big 12 fan still goes on and on about how they truly are the best conference.

T-Sips still claim they were a better team than OU last year. Someone buy me a house in Sarasota. kthx

Anonymous said... has a headline reading:

Rumors: Charlie Strong ... as coach of UGA

It's insider access though, so I can't read it, anyone know if they're just making shit up?

Scully said...

The article was a suggestion that if Charlie Strong leaves Florida it would benefit UGA. Totally misinterprets the article.

jj gator said...

As long as Florida, Notre Dame and Meatchicken win today (they're playing the Zookers) I'll be a happy camper.

Also, a win for the Gators today sends us to Atlanta; we could clinch the SEC East back-to-back, which we haven't don in awhile.

GO GATORS!!!!!!!