Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Bobcats better than Dawgs between the checkerboards

The Georgia debacle at Neyland this past weekend is being thoroughly examined by Bulldog bloggers and fans everywhere.

I hadn’t realized the depth of the ugliness until I did a comparison of the Bulldog’s efforts to those of the Ohio Bobcat’s two weeks earlier, also at Tennessee.

The Bobcat’s lost to the Vols by a score of 34-23. So Ohio both scored more than Georgia’s 19 points, and held Tennessee to 11 fewer points (34 versus 45).

It gets worse.

Offensively against Tennessee, Ohio had more first downs than Georgia (15 to 13), 99 more total yards (340 to 241), and 167 more yards passing (319 to 152).

Against Georgia’s defense, Tennessee was far more successful than they were against the defense of the Bobcats. The Vols had 73 more total yards against the Dawgs (472 to 399) and 88 more passing yards (310 to 222). And while the Vols did rush for more yards against Ohio than Georgia, it was only a minimal amount – 177 against the Bobcats, versus 162 against the Dawgs. On a per rushing attempt basis, Tennessee gained 4.5 per attempt against Ohio, and 4.4 per attempt against Georgia.

I know it is a rebuilding year for Georgia, but sheesh.

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