Friday, October 02, 2009

The Mumme Poll 2009

I have long believed that the current college football polls range from intentionally biased to hopeless inept, at least when it comes to accurately ranking college teams.

Well we are going to do something about that. At least with some help from our friendly rivals at Get the Picture and 3rd Saturday in Blogtober, sponsors of the new and innovative “Mumme Poll”.

Unlike other polls, the Mumme Poll seeks to eliminate bias and conflict of interest. They do this by (from the link) -

This is accomplished by means of conducting the voting in two very different ways from other football polls:

1. The first vote does not take place until after the games of Week Six have been played. Voters are not asked to evaluate teams based on preseason expectations and are not expected to use those as a baseline from which to rank teams for the rest of the year.

2. Rather than being required to rank twenty five D-1 teams in order of preference, Mumme Poll voters submit ballots of the top twelve teams in the country, without ranking (other than to designate the top five of those twelve, for use as a tiebreaker). The poll rankings are then compiled by means of approval voting; that is, the teams are ranked in the order of the total number of times they appear on voters’ ballots.

What’s more, they want YOU to participate.

Any football fan can register to vote in the Mumme Poll. Let’s get as much participation from Gator fans as we can. Go register at the Mumme Poll if you are interested.

NOTE: Deadline for registration as a voter is THIS COMING MONDAY!

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