Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Pollin'

Before I show my work, how about me almost being right on Notre Dame over USC? I really didn't believe it when I made the pick, but it turned out closer than I thought it could.

The BlogPoll here is my first draft, and your comments are solicited. My Mumme Ballot is the same top 12 teams.

3Iowa 1
4Cincinnati 1
5Texas 2
6TCU 3
7Boise State 1
8Miami (Florida) 2
9Georgia Tech 6
10Southern Cal 6
12Oregon 1
13Penn State 1
14Houston 5
15South Florida 9
16Oklahoma State 4
18Texas Tech
19Virginia Tech 16
20Nebraska 8
21West Virginia
23Brigham Young
24Central Michigan 1
25Wisconsin 1
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Ohio State (#17), South Carolina (#18), Kansas (#21), Notre Dame (#22), Auburn (#23).


Rob said...

Minor quibble - I dont see having USC above LSU. LSU's only loss is much more acceptable than losing to Washington, especially since LSU beat them. To have USC above LSU, I think you have to give way too much credit to beating Ohio St, especially after they lost to Purdue.

Zach said...

I have to agree with Rob. LSU only has one loss, and it's to our Gators.

Mergz said...

Rob & Zach,

I would say I agree with both of you.

I seem to be ranking USC lower than anyone else, but every team I have above them seems more deserving.

However it seems the computer polls agree, who have USC 11th.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

I'm thinking that Virginia Tech is ranked too low. Yes, they have two losses. One to the number one team in our our ballot and the other to Georgia Tech. This VT team trounced Miami at home.

Anonymous said...

So long as Oklahoma and Ohio State aren't in the poll, I'm pretty much happy, far too many people I've been discussing with don't seem to understand the concept of quality wins.

I think I'd agree with about Virginia Tech, though I can't see them rising above Houston, and maybe not even that far.

Also I'm curious why TCU over Boise State, I know BSU essentially only has the win over Oregon, but I don't think TCU's body of work yet matches that (at least until after this weekend @BYU)

the Swedish Chef said...

I quite see having USC above LSU. If we're going with Mergz's beloved (but highly flawed) national rankings...

USC O: #16 ppg, #41 ypg
LSU O: #112 ppg, #91 ypg

USC D: #5 ppg, #9 ypg
LSU D: #14 ppg, #35 ypg

Mergz said...

After further reflection, I moved VT up a couple of spots. I kept USC just above LSU because -

1. They had road wins at Ohio State and ND while losing to Washington on the road, and

2. LSU lost at home, plus has had several "miracle" games at this point.

And despite his thinly veiled taunt, "Swedish Chef" has a point.

As for TCU over Boise, Boise beat Oregon at home, while TCU went on the road and beat Clemson. Like LSU-USC, the two are pretty much a tie in my eyes.

Trader Rick said...

When I click on your link for Gator Blog, the -- it takes me to a page that is almost two years old...