Friday, September 25, 2009

Yeah, but they are OUR Cupcakes

Senator Blutarsky at Georgia blog Get the Picture has seized upon a comment I made to add his critical take of Florida’s non-conference schedule.

For the most part, I agree.

Florida has no business playing teams like Charleston Southern, Citadel or Western Carolina. It is highly inequitable football, and does nothing to help our strength of schedule. Were it up to me, such games wouldn’t count towards records or statistics.

Georgia isn’t without fault on this issue, they play teams like Tennessee Tech (on November 7th). And while we play Florida State annually, wouldn’t it be great – from the standpoint of this fan – to play someone like Oklahoma State or Arizona State? Who wouldn’t want to travel to venues like that, at least once every couple of years? In 1991 Florida played at Syracuse, and the memories of the Carrier Dome are vivid with me still (perhaps because we lost).

So I congratulate Georgia on playing Oklahoma State and Arizona State. I congratulate Tennessee for facing UCLA, and Alabama for playing Virginia Tech. As for Florida, to hear Greg McGarity (UF’s senior associate athletic director for internal affairs) as quoted on Get the Picture, variety doesn’t seem to be a part of Florida’s future schedules. I guess we have to get used to playing our SEC opponents, FSU and a couple of random pushovers each year.

Which is kind of sad, if you think about it.

Read the post over at Get the Picture. I’d like to hear your take.

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ConnGator said...

I have said many times that we should play our second game against a BCS team, either in the Northeast or the West. Reasons:

1) Increase strength of schedule
2) Chance for the Gator Nation not in the South to go to the game
3) Helps recruiting

I just don't understand the administration's opposition.