Monday, September 28, 2009

What we learned this weekend

1. Superman is in fact human. After being sacked by Taylor Wyndham, Tim Tebow’s head violently crashed into Marcus Gilbert’s knee which resulted in Tebow being knocked unconscious (or at least that is what it looked like to me). As I was watching the play all I could think of when he hit the ground was “look at his hands”. Needless to say it was a very scary moment. Thankfully it appears as though the concussion was “mild” in its severity. For those of you looking to blame someone, apparently there are those that think Tebow should have been carrying the clipboard at that point of the game, why not blame the referee that made the phantom holding call on Hernandez the play before. No holding call, touchdown for Jeff Demps, and the play never happens.

2. Number 4. Seminole fans love to call Urban Meyer “7”, because he is the 7th coach to be named the head coach of the Gators since the hiring of Bobby Bowden. In the tradition of 7, Florida State will now be known as Number 4, as in fourth best football team in the State. The Seminoles, who apparently play better at higher altitudes, were dominated at home by South Florida. To make matters worse, the Bulls were led by a Redshirt Freshman QB from Tallahassee.

3. Da “U” is back….to where they rightfully belong. The Hurricanes were outplayed and outcoached in Blacksburg Saturday afternoon. Virginia Tech came out and hit Miami in the mouth, then proceeded to rush for 272 yards and remove Jacory Harris from the Heisman debate after 1 week. I don’t care how good your players are there are a couple of games each season that test your ability as a coach, not just as a recruiter, and the Virginia Tech game was the first test for Randy Shannon this season. I think it is fair to say that he failed this test. Next test? This weekend at home against Oklahoma.

4. All the teams with one loss are back in the National Championship debate. With Ole Miss, California and Penn State all losing on the same weekend, USC, Oklahoma and Virginia Tech now become viable options to play in the BCSCG. 3 of the top 4 teams in this week’s poll will play each other prior to championship weekend and Texas will play Oklahoma October 17th in Dallas.


LeakBrewerGator said...

I'm glad someone mentioned that ridiculous holding call on Hernandez. If the ref doesn't completely make that call up, Tebow is getting ready for LSU as I type.

jj gator said...

Scully, I'm glad you're showing some common sense and not pointing the finger at Meyer like a lot of these other idiots out there in cyberspace are, especially the media pundits.

Gator KGB said...


I learned something very interesting.

We go to an I-formation when Brantley enters the game and Moody comes in too.

Me likey.

Andrew said...

That phantom hold made my stomach churn to watch. That same ref couldn't keep it in his pants the whole second half (the flag that is). If he wanted a hold so bad, he should have called it on the DB, who had two handfuls of Hernandez's jersey. Despicable.

jj gator said...

Steve Addazio seems to be shouldering the blame for what happened based on some articles published today in the Alligator and elsewhere, but when you look at it, nobody's really culpable. Part of the game of football includes taking hits out there on the field, and IMO it was more or less an "accident", for lack of a better word.