Thursday, September 24, 2009

What They're Really Complaining About

Florida's record against each Southeastern Conference team from 1990 to the present:

Alabama 8-4
Arkansas 7-0
Auburn 11-5
Georgia 16-3
LSU 14-5
Kentucky 19-0
Mississippi 3-3
Mississippi State 5-3
South Carolina 16-1
Tennessee 14-6
Vanderbilt 17-0
Total 130-30


Anonymous said...

F*ck the state of Mississippi.

Mergz said...

I love this talk now that Spurrier wasn't really "hated", he was just regarded as "eccentric". Not like Meyer who is really, REALLY hated.

Talk about revisionism.

Spurrier in his current losing posture at South Carolina seems far less a threat. And are opponents would hate Meyer even is he was the Mother Theresa.

It is all about the wins and losses. Here's to another 2 decades of hate from our rivals.

Gator KGB said...

I posit that Spurrier was humanized by the grotesquely comical failure of his Washington Redskins coaching tenure and the "slightly cranky grandpa" approach he has taken at South Carolina (while always mindful to cash his $35,000.00 per week check).

jj gator said...

For those who really, REALLY hate Meyer, screw them as far as I'm concerned. They're just plain jealous (except for Ole Piss, perhaps).

sb said...

As Spurrier always said, "They only like ya if they're beatin' ya." Meyer should be proud they hate him.

Mike said...

Spurrier remembers the days when all the bullies in the SEC loved us and WTF is happening between us and the state of Mississippi?

Gator KGB said...

I guess it's difficult to play teams with 121 fingers per side.