Friday, September 18, 2009

The “U”?

Maybe the “U” is back after all.

I continue to have serious reservations about the team quality of either Florida State or Georgia Tech, but Miami has been offensively effective against both, gaining 930 yards against two conference opponents.

The Virginia Tech game can remove most of the remaining doubt whether Miami is back or not. Miami follows the game at Blacksburg with a home date against Oklahoma. A 4-0 start with this schedule would be impressive enough to likely make them number 1 in my BlogPoll.

So kudos to our rival to the south for a strong start, and especially for one heck of a starting schedule. Football in the state of Florida is better when the “Big 3” are good.


jj gator said...

Not so fast, Mergz. As much as scUM fans are on their high-horses right now after that win last night, one game isn't a tell-all.

Beer Pong Rules said...

I had no idea how difficult Miami's schedule was for the first four games.

If they can win those games and that's a big IF then they'll definitely be controlling their own path to the national championship team as their remaining schedule is definitely one that they can win out with.