Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I Abstain

I am honored to be a voter in the CBS Blogpoll, but based on much thought I will abstain from ranking this week. I simply don’t feel like I have enough information to go on.

Let's give it one more week before the rankings begin. I'm sure that effort won't be much better than the mess I would have made today, but we will have more to go on by then.


Clark said...


No! No! No!!!

Saturday night one of my happy thoughts in the wake of a huge victory was: All the resume voters on the blogpoll hare gonna have to put BYU either 1 or 2, right? RIGHT??? They beat #3 OU on a slightly neutral field. I don't really think BYU is one of the best 2 teams in the country, but so what?

Your blogpoll was going to be delightfully crazy, as many of the better teams in the country couldn't reasonably be listed, because they played such terrible D-1AA teams. And if blowing out a D-1AA team counts, then Air Force has to be ranked as their reward for taking out Nicholls State 72-0. Glorious mayhem, and my Cougars at or near the top!

And now you dare to deprive me!

Clark said...

Ok, I've calmed down a bit.

Seriously, you should take it as a compliment that a giddy BYU fan, in the wake of knocking off OU, is thinking about your blogpoll rankings. So how about putting together a ranking for a devoted reader? This could be your good deed for the day.

Amos said...

This is completely off this post's topic, but I needed somewhere to say it. Can someone please find all the people who voted for Iowa in the AP poll (Iowa 24 points in the Others receiving votes) and make it public information? Do you really just have to have been previously ranked as well as win to stay in these things?

Scotty #13 said...

Couldn't you just make the list while standing on your head? I'm pretty sure she can't get pregnant from that.

Really, though...I like seeing the wild early interpretations of what teams are ranked by your "what they've actually accomplished" mode, rather than the typical "what their helmet says and did they NOT lose" method...

Look forward to it next week.