Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BlogPoll Final Ballot

At Saurian Sagacity our BlogPoll rankings are a group effort (led, of course, by yours truly). Trying to rank 120ish teams is an awesome task by oneself, and the helpful comments and suggestions are always welcome (not to mention the raison d’etre of the BlogPoll itself).

After weighing the various merits of commentators (within the bounds of resume style ranking) I have made the following changes –

Cincinnati is moving up. I credit Dan Shanoff with this insight.

Cal is moving down. Maryland isn’t a win worth noting.

I *think* Ole Miss is a good team, but they haven’t done anything yet to prove it. Movin’ on down.

Washington appears to be pretty good after all, and LSU won there. The Tigers move up.

As for the logical order of Miami ahead of FSU ahead of BYU ahead of Oklahoma, that is a tough call. FSU nearly gakked up to a lower division team at home, and I think their defense…well it stinks. BYU got totally owned, at home, by FSU. Oklahoma, on the other hand, lost a very close game at at neutral site.

So I don’t think the simple order ranking is necessary logical. However, at this point, it is good enough.

As for Iowa, it is a very close call. I’m not sure who I’d remove to include them. So they can wait for a week.

Our results are –

2Miami (Florida)
3Cincinnati 7
5California 3
6Texas 9
7LSU 12
8Boise State 2
9Florida 5
10Michigan 5
11Auburn 7
12UCLA 5
13Missouri 4
14Mississippi 2
15Virginia Tech 8
17Florida State
18Brigham Young 16
19Oklahoma 3
20Southern Cal 17
21Ohio State 3
22Oklahoma State 3
25Penn State 9
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Baylor (#11), Georgia Tech (#13), Nebraska (#17), Minnesota (#20), Kansas (#21).


Amos said...

I think that by next week ordering them simply by A beat B beat C etc. will no longer be as important, but I think 3 weeks into the season when we're still unsure of who is good and who isn't, head to head should carry a good deal of weight. As for FSU almost choking it against JState, I think that might've been at least partly due to it being between two big games for FSU.

Rob said...

Adding to what Amos said, thru some miracle, there is not a single loop anywhere in FBS yet. Every chain of wins is a pure tree so far. This wont last, of course, but for now, no reason not to rank by transitivity.

As soon as loops start forming, feel free to ignore it. But it hasnt happened yet.