Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So Close Now

The season approaches. In order to get everyone in the mood (as if you aren't already!) I thought I would post this gem I came across at Gator Tailgating called "The Seven Levels of Tailgating".

Here are a couple of shots from last season at my tailgate. Suffice to say I know a couple "Mooches"

Yes, I even go by "Mergz" when I'm Tailgating


jj gator said...

Out of curiousity Mergz, where do you "set up shop"?

Tommy said...

Gotta admire the huevos on the Aubie who rolls up in a Byrum shirt.

Of course, if this was shot in '08, then it begs the question what he was doing at the game rocking gear for a team that isn't playing. Plus, it's a flagrant violation of the "grown men in jerseys" rule. But that's just the point: an Aubie will cover himself in mud just to get a little dirt in your eye.

Scully said...

It was his dad. Which begs the question, what type of Florida fan invites an Auburn fan to the Florida/Auburn game?

Doesn't that sign say Mergs?

Mergz said...

Scully is right, it was his father, and the picture was taken during the 2007 season, my mistake. Just like it was my mistake to invite Auburn fans.

My spot is adjacent to Murphree Hall.