Thursday, August 06, 2009


ESPN is currently involved in an exercise to redefine college football into 4 conferences of “super teams” that would compete for a true national title. Pointless though the exercise might be they seem to have put much time into it.

I haven’t paid the exercise much attention, but I did notice today the members of the so-called “Bear Bryant” conference looked a might familiar.

They are –


Florida State
Georgia Tech
South Carolina

Why that looks like…like… well, like the SEC.

Assuming Florida were to play in such a conference not much would change. We already play FSU, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina every year, and Alabama and Auburn on a rotating basis. We played Miami last year. The only 2 that we don’t play are Clemson and Georgia Tech (which, of course, are regular opponents of South Carolina and Georgia).

So, in trying to form a super conference ESPN has reformed the SEC?

What is the point of this again?

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Anonymous said...

The idea was to paralel Promotion / Relegation. That conference wouldn't stay like that forever. The worst team would fall down to the next tier, and be replaced by one of the 4 best teams from the bottom 80.
It's all pure speculation, but I thought it was a nice idea anyway.