Friday, January 02, 2009

UF stands to make $47,000

That's right, that's the net profit on an appearance in the BCS championship game if you believe this piece from the Gainesville Sun.

When you play for the national championship there is a misconception that the schools participating reap a $17 million pay day.

Florida is hoping to make $47,400.

According to the budget approved by the University Athletic Association's board of directors last week, UF will spend $2.42 million on the game and receive $2.467 million in revenue from the SEC. The rest, as usual, goes into a pot that includes all bowl revenue and is split by the other 11 conference schools and the league office.


Trader Rick said...

So does that mean the other eleven teams make out better than we do? Incredible! Like 1.3 mill apiece in the black?

Whole thing doesn't make sense--I'd like to see that 2.42 budget...

Henry Louis Gomez said...

C'mon man. There's 8 SEC teams playing in Bowls. All the money goes into the pot and divided equally. Yes other teams are benefitting from our big payday but we're benefiting from Alabama playing in the Sugar Bowl and Kentucky in the Liberty Bowl, etc.