Friday, January 09, 2009

The true defensive MVP

Ahmad Black should have won the defensive MVP award. His brilliant interception in the 4th quarter is what won the game for the Gators.

At that moment OU was moving the ball down the field with a chance to tie or take the lead. Of course, after the interception the Gators drove the ball inside the 5-yard line where Tebow threw a jump pass that was as beautiful as the original one against LSU a couple of years ago was ugly.


Jason said...

I do believe that may just be the best interception I have ever witnessed. It's pure magic, the way he reached in and picked his pocket.

jj gator said...

I knew Ahmad Black was in for a stellar season since last April, after watching him play in the O&B game. His performance was a sign of things to come, and he was definitely a key player on our defense. He seems ot have picked up where Reggie Nelson et al. left off in 2006.

RHOmea said...

I LOVED Ahmad's steal, but what was even more entertaining was the look on that Okie Bradford's face! I nearly spit beer on my screen watching him roll his eyes with his jaw on his chest.
"Land o'Goshen, can you believe them Gator defenders?" LOL

Andrew said...

The best thing was Ahmad's response yesterday in Gainesville. When asked about the INT, he said Iglesias needed to 'get back in the weightroom.'