Wednesday, January 07, 2009


At this points my thoughts are turning to the historical import of tomorrow’s game rather than the X’s and O’s (for an excellent take on our game plan see Scully’s “All Things BCS” post below”).

Team of the Decade

Over a year ago, in November of 2007, I wrote a post speculating on which college football team would be “the team of the decade”. Contenders included USC, LSU, Texas, Ohio State … and Oklahoma and Florida.

Since that post LSU added another mythical national title, propelling them to the lead for team of the decade, as the only 2 time winner of the BCS since 2000.

As of late Thursday night LSU will have company.

Either Florida (MNC in 2006) or Oklahoma (MNC in 2000) will pick up its second BCS title. Oklahoma’s would bookend the decade very nicely, while Florida would be of more recent strength.

With but a single year left in the double ought’s the final nod to team of the decade is still to be decided, but its coming down to a few.

The SEC Banner

As I’ve noted before, the SEC has a record unmatched by any conference in BCS history. In fact, it’s perfect.

With Tennessee in 1998, LSU in 2003 and 2007, and Florida in 2006 the SEC is a perfect 4-0 in BCS title games. So besides the obvious rooting interests as a Florida fan, I take seriously the duty to “carry the SEC banner” tomorrow and defend the SEC’s unblemished record in title games.

For the record the conferences in BCS title games –

SEC: 4-0
Big 12: 2-3
ACC: 1-2
Big East: 1-2
Big Ten: 1-2
Pac Ten: 1-1

So not only is the SEC perfect, it is the only conference with even a winning record.


Jason said...

The SEC in general has a killer BCS record, going 11-5 coming into tomorrow's game. This vs 2-9 for the ACC, 7-8 for the Big 12, 6-5 for the Big East, and 8-11 for the Big 10. The only conference that can claim to have done as well is the Pac 10 who stand at 9-4, mostly on the back of USC (themselves 5-1).

Scully said...

I think your previous posts on the BCS and Defenses should be brought up the first page.

At this point they could not be more relevant.

Michael said...


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