Monday, December 15, 2008

Troy Smith Was Also...

... a Heisman winner.


Anonymous said...

(Sorry 'bout the long link, but i couldn't figure out the tinyurl thingie.)


Anonymous said...

Didnt Tim Tebow win the Heisman last year?

Dont throw rocks. Or better yet, use your own recent misfortune as an example of why you think you will beat OU. (Disclaimer: I am a Buckeye and I think UF will beat OU, but man you Gator fans piss me off. All the other SEC fans are relatively cool ... but Gator fans are the worst /rant off).

PS Nice blog most of the time.

Robert said...

Buckeye -

Tebow did win the Heisman last year and went on to lose his bowl game, just like Troy smith did and we hope Bradford will.

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