Wednesday, December 03, 2008


1. Reports out of Birmingham have Tuberville and his entire staff fired today.

2. Rumors out of Miami have Robert Marve transferring. My source says that Florida will get a look (don't know if I believe that).


jj gator said...

WR Vidal Hazelton is also transferring from USC, but no word on what school(s) he may be interested in. He's from the East Coast; fellow Gators, what say ye?

Scully said...

Vidal doesn't have the most important thing for Meyer's team - speed.

I am also hearing the only coach from our staff not likely to come be back next year is Mullen. Mullen is a candidate for a number of openings.

GUF said...

Not that I want him to leave, but the fact that Charlie Strong isn't a front-runner for any job I've heard about so far is nothing short of disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I don't want to bring race into it, but if its not a race thing why hasn't Charlie gotten a look- the man's done at least as much as Muschamp and doesn't seem to get much recognition outside of Gator Nation.

Scully said...

My understanding is that Charlie hasn't received an offer to become a head coach not because of his race, but rather his wife's race (white). I know for a fact that is why he didn't receive the Miss. St. job.

More rumors:

Al Groh's contract will not be renewed. Virginia has Mike Locksley and Jimbo Fisher on their short list.

Player Transfers:

Daron Rose will sign with USF after spending the last year at TCC.