Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things to think about

1. If Missouri is so good on offense, why didn't they play better against Northwestern? Besides Maclin, there wasn't one player on Missouri's team that looked faster than Northwestern. That to me is astonishing.

2. Is Oregon that good? Granted the Pokes lost their best player (yes, I know he still played), but did anyone expect the Ducks to just shove the ball down Okie State's throat?


Anonymous said...

I think the answer to both is line play - it's probably the hardest facet for the non-expert to evaluate, and it seems to be especially hard to project relative quality between conferences. After the first quarter, Oregon simply outclassed Okie St on the lines, which effectively neutralised the Pokes' skill-position talent.

This is also the principal subplot of the TTech-Miss game, I think; if the Rebels can get in the backfield consistently, Harrell will be a much more ordinary QB (as Oklahoma demonstrated.) If they can't, it will probably be a long day for Ole Miss...

Andrew said...

The one thing you can't miss from the OK St game was that Zac Robinson took a late hit on a play early in the 3rd quarter and was never the same. Every throw from then on was off. The run game wasn't working and Robinson spent the rest of the game clutching his back. Oregon didn't really start scoring until OK St stopped scoring.