Thursday, December 04, 2008

Jimbo Fisher

I received an email this afternoon from a friend of mine with pretty good Auburn connections. The email stated that Jimbo Fisher was being interviewed for the Auburn job today.

If true, which I believe it is, this could be an interesting was to force Bobby Bowden into retirement. Remember Bobby has recently stated that he knows that the end of his coaching career is near, it just isn't right now. Faced with the possibility of losing Jimbo would the AD force Bobby's hand? What role does the FSU Booster email campaign to have Bobby relieved of his job play in this decision?

If Jimbo gets hired by FSU does this lead to the retirement of Mickey Andrews? Word is the two of them don't get along and it is almost a forgone conclusion that Mickey retires with Bobby.


Kevin @ said...

Do you have the booster email? I'd love to see it. Been a booster for 13 years and... no email. Tks.

NoleCC said...

Scully, feel free to sent it to me too, I'll be happy to post it on ScalpEm, if you have it. Haven't had anything in my Inbox from other Boosters... I've been on that list for 11 years. said...

I would love to see this email campaign, Scully... I doubt it exists.