Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The carousel

New Mexico – hires Mike Locksley. Some people think the world of him (Bobby Burton to name one), I just don’t get it. To me he is a great recruiter and someone that you stick at Running Backs coach so nothing gets messed up, but what do I know?

Auburn – interviewing everyone and yes I mean everyone after reading that Patrick Nix interviewed for the vacancy. My sources tell me that if Mike Leach wants the job it is his, otherwise look for Turner Gill or Jimbo Fisher to get the job. Just for clarification that noise you heard in the background is Miami fans cheering at the thought of losing Patrick Nix as offensive coordinator.

Syracuse – interviewing Skip Holtz this week. Everything I am hearing leans towards Holtz getting the job, although Turner Gill should be in the mix.

Mississippi State – the day before Tuberville resigned or was fired, depending on whether or not you believe Tommy’s mommy, I heard that Tuberville was going to take the Miss. State job. Since then I know that they interviewed Kevin Wilson and Dan Mullen for the job. Your guess is as good as mine on this one.

Look for Dan Mullen’s name to be mentioned for a number of the remaining openings.


jj gator said...

I just hope Lox is smart enough to develop his own style and not emulate his former boss (Ron Zook) once he arrives at New Mexico.

NoleCC said...

It's highly doubtful that Jimbo will ever end up there, unless Auburn wants to pony up some serious cash for him + his $5 million buyout at FSU.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that going to Syracuse would be a step down for Skip Holtz....