Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday's ramblings

After another blowout win, everyone has advice for the Gators.

Mr. College Football has some interesting things to say today and not just about us.

Playing so well Coach Meyer is searching for the right words to describe it.

Mike Bianchi sums up the true meaning of Saturday’s game.

Incredible stat from Saturday. After Percy Harvin gained 22 yards on the Gators’ first snap of the game against South Carolina Gary Danielson said that "when Florida has a 20-yard gain this year, they go on to score 34 out of 30 times." We really are playing well!! Of course we fumbled on the next snap so I am not sure how to adjust those numbers.

The Syracuse job is now available. Not too long ago Rob Konrad was openly campaigning for Steve Adazzio to be named the next HBC at Syracuse. Here is the latest from a Syracuse blog. Take a good long list at the candidates and tell me which one is the oddball – hint his boss was recently let go.

What some “experts” learned from this past weekend. Of course I learned that no matter how many times in a row no officer has checked your pockets when entering the stadium, there is always the chance that will change. Crisis was averted when KB came through with an extra ticket stat. I got to sit under the drip for my stupidity.


Jams said...

I think the 34/30 stat that Hinton posted (I assume that's where you found it) was debunked by commenter/blogger Year2, who apparently rewatched the game and noticed Danielson actually said 34 out of 40.

Also, did you try to smuggle in a flask? Because my dad said that on his way in (gate 8 I think) he saw someone's flask getting dumped out into a trash can. Small world.

Year2 said...

Yeah, he did say 34/40. Here's a clip of it if you want to hear it:

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the time I got caught. I had a flask on each hip and a cop patted me down, but only one side. Luckily, it was a crappy game, and I couldn't give a ticket away, so I had another in my pocket, and another flask! (Bought from the window at Balls, of course). Now I stash it between my legs. It's helpful, because nobody wants to share anymore!

Scully said...

i taped the game and thought i heard the danielson mistake too. maybe it was just b/c i had read hinton's comment.

no flask was involved in my mistake.