Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am thinking about BC plus the points

So I am scouring the internet for interesting tidbits, and of course laying groundwork for this weekend's action and I come upon this gem:

Apparently there was a brawl today between some FSU football players and a fraternity (believed to be the Sigmas) on campus in the student union. Arrests were made, there was a fight between a couple football players and a couple frat boys earlier in the week at a local club called Floyds and on Weds the AA fraternities hang out in the union and football players usually dont go there....but today the football players came there to settle the score for the Floyd's incident. The alleged score that needed to be settled had to do with disrespecting Nigel Bradham's girlfriend, although I am pretty sure that whatever the Sigma said she deserved it (just my opinion though). Lots of punches thrown, mace was brought out, lots of new tenants for the local facility - both football players and frat guys. The players that were recognized in the midst of this melee were Carr, Surrency, Reed, and Easterling - apparently you don't want to mess with the Seminole receivers. There were more football players there but not all were recognized due to the melee.

And then there was more on the incident:

About an hour ago at Union Wednesday which is held every Wednesday about half of the Seminole football team jumped an African American fraternity called the Sigmas while they were "strolling". Some of the Sigmas were sent to the hospital. The football players seemed possessed they were body slamming kids and throwing chairs. It was crazy. Supposedly Nigel Bradham was at a local club here last Thursday called Floyds and one of the Sigmas disrespected his woman. So it finally spilled over today. I knew something had to be up because there's never too many football players at Union Wednesday but they were out today for obvious reasons.


Anonymous said...

A disturbance between football players & frat boys?

Guess I missed it: When did Zook take over coaching "the School Out West"?

Well, they DO play on "Ron Zook Field", so I guess it was BOUND to happen...


jj gator said...

Oh well, as the Diapered One himself would say, "Boyaz will be boyaz, dadgummit"......

jj gator said...

Oh BTW, Scully - do you have a link to where you found this info that you could share with us?

TTU said...


Got a link for you that was posted just nine minutes ago: Looks like Scully was on the ball about this one. Among the reported injuries: two females. Criminoles at it again

TTU said...

Sorry, here it is:

Kevin @ Fanblogs said...

Here's the latest I've been able to run down: Three FSU WRs were involved, none were injured. I'm hearing that the players didn't instigate it, but -- who ever knows in these things. Easterling seems to be the focal point.

Attn Noles, Gators, PSU and all the others - stay away from fraternity fights.

Anonymous said...,0,1527893.story?track=rss

jj gator said...

"When asked about the recent rash of suspensions -- four players have served one-game suspensions the past three games due to missing too many classes or for failing to fulfill other responsibilities -- the veteran FSU coach said:

"Well, that's America for you, isn't it.''

Nothing like dodging the issue, Booby - you senile, phony old sack of shit.

jj gator said...

This quote from's article about the brawl:

"Florida State players become ineligible immediately if charged with a felony. Receiver Preston Parker missed the first two games this season as part of his punishment for an arrest earlier this year on drug and weapons charges. His felony weapons charge was reduced before he could regain his eligibility.

Bowden has already suspended key team members for the past three weeks for breaking team or school rules.

Bowden said he can't talk about Wednesday's altercation or possible discipline until after he learns what action, if any, university police will take after investigating.

The veteran coach said he wasn't sure of what action he would take if the police report is made public before Saturday's homecoming game against Boston College.

"I don't know," Bowden said Thursday. "I'd have to go talk to our athletic director."

You can bet your asses that ol' SpongeBooby Diaperpants is praying for a misdemeanor!

Still, to me something isn't kosher if some students were injured and no arrests have been made yet. Think this latest incident will have any bearing on the decision coming down following the recent NCAA hearings on the NOA that the school out west was served?

Trader Rick said...

No Comment

UFGatorDMD said...

Leave poor Fightin' Sigmas University alone.

They already have an axe waiting to fall on them from their academic inproprieties...

I'd take BC in this game for sure, btw. No way does FSU win with 5 of their WRs out of the game.

UrqE said...

Make you life and gambling very easy. Bet heavy on FL regardless of the points; they are going to destroy the Noles, they may be beat Bama by 40 and line up any Big 12 team and I say FL shows them a D they have never felt in their lives. Bet FL and bet heavy.
I am a 94 grad and have been to every Nat'l Championship (including the 95 Fiesta) I have never seen this team play at this level. Our D is almost as much fun to watch as our O.
The great thing is Meyer will not allow the team to get ahead of themselves.
70% of the scholarship players are freshmen and sophmores??? Hate to be a Seminole these days.

jj gator said...

"The great thing is Meyer will not allow the team to get ahead of themselves."

Absolutely - this is one of the secrets to the success of this year's team. Coach Meyer keeps them focused on playing their game - nothing more, nothing less. If they're missing their assignments or get too overconfident, things unravel just as they did with the Ole Miss loss. These kids have matured a LOT since 2007, and as Percy Harvin alluded to they've become tighter as a team.

Free Shoes U is shooting themselves in the foot, and they've asked for everything they've got coming to them from the NCAA once the final decision is brought down. This recent fight that some of their players got into with frat guys last week only made the hole they've dug for themselves get even deeper.