Monday, October 06, 2008

What we learned from this weekend

1. That the loss to Oregon St. might not have been as awful as it first looked. Sure they laid an egg in Happy Valley, but the Beavers played Utah really tough on the road.

2. That playing down to your competition will catch up to you eventually. South Florida had no business losing to Pitt but that didn’t stop them.

3. Beware of the trap game. Both Penn. St. and Alabama escaped huge trap games this weekend.

4. That Kentucky's defense is much better than Georgia's.

5. That Paul Johnson was the best hire of the off season.

6. That Tennessee will have a new coach next fall.

7. That it takes a deluge of rain to make the offenses at FSU and Miami explosive.

8. That despite the fact that he is 2-8 against his own conference and 7-10 overall, and appears totally lost as a coach except on the recruiting trail, Randy Shannon will be offered an extension of 4-5 years very soon.

9. That Vandy is a pretty good team, but apparently Vegas hasn’t bought into it yet. Only 2.5 point favorites at Miss. St. this week.

10. That if you are defensive coordinator you don’t want Oklahoma or Mizzou on your schedule. Mizzou hasn’t gone 3 and out yet this season, which is absolutely amazing.

11. That maybe, just maybe, Hawaii isn’t as bad as originally thought. Yes I know this one is a stretch.

12. That the Gator offensive line is the weakness of the offense. And injuries aren't the reason. 1st and 35? Seriously?

13. That Tim Tebow’s footwork isn’t as good as John Brantley’s. No I am not saying that he should start, but if you watch the two in their dropbacks one definitely is doing it better than the other.

14. That when Harvin goes out of the game we are harder to defend. Tebow seems to actually read the defense when Harvin isn’t on the field.

15. That despite the fact that the Florida offense is mind-bogglingly conservative, the Special Teams unit plays with reckless abandon. The way our coaches call these two aspects of this team is baffling.

16. That Gator defensive line cannot get pressure consistently, especially without bringing the blitz.

17. That asking Brandon Spikes to cover a slot receiver is not a good matchup for Spikes. This is the first game that I didn’t understand the defensive game plan. Execution is one thing, but this week our scheme seemed to be out of whack. After the Arkansas game, I think we should all be prepared for LSU to run crossing routes.

18. That Mullen calls the number of either Demps or Rainey whenever they are in the game. This is a bigger tell than KGB’s oreo fetish in Rounders.

19. That Moody is out until at least the Georgia game and Harvin is walking around in a boot (as of yesterday).

20. That maybe we are better off with the young, crazy Tim Tebow of last year than the mature, reserved Tim Tebow of this year. Hopefully LSU will bring out Tebow’s emotions.


jj gator said...

After seeing how impressive John Brantley was out there, I hope that maybe Coach Meyer's seriously considering implementing the two-QB system. Tebow's stupid (yes, it was clearly STUPIDITY on his part)interception could have been avoided had he thrown to a wide-open Brandon James in the underneath zone.

Both Brandon Spikes and Major Wright need a good swift kick in the ass after last Saturday's game. There was no need for them to be playing as sloppy as they were. There was also no need of all those missed tackles on offense and missed sack opportunities, either.

Add to that a couple of dumbass penalties killing two good plays on our part, and that just adds to the list of things the Gators need to improve on to get ready for LSU next week.

jj gator said...

Shit, I meant "missed tackles on defense". My bad - late afternoon doldrums, I guess.