Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Q&A from "Over the Pylon"

Our friends at "Over the Pylon" a blog that covers Ball State and Kentucky Football (what a combo!) have sent us a Q&A which I dutifully answered. Read it here.

They've asked us to send some questions their way. I drawing blanks. So peanut gallery, it's your turn to be the roving correspondent. Leave any questions you have about this upcoming game against UK in the comments section. I'll take the best ones and forward them along.


Anonymous said...

Don't have my Q's ready yet, fish...

but a comment on your "O-t-P" piece:

"Speaking of murderers and rapists, would you consider Miami or Florida State your biggest rival?"

...just might be the single funniest lead-in to a question I've ever read. :)


jamie a. said...

well said! i liked how you described (accurately) about the malaise of us gator fans in 'second-tier' games sometimes.