Tuesday, September 23, 2008


1. If there is a better special teams player in the country than Brandon James, I hope we don’t play him.

2. As soon as we got up by 17, I think Coach Mullen reeled in the offense and started eating the clock. This staff might not like the new clock rules, but that doesn’t mean they don’t understand them.

3. This defense has the chance to be really special.

4. Anyone else think that quarterbacks will slide when they see Joe Haden from here on out?

5. Want a good laugh? Listen to Coach Meyer’s presser listen carefully to the review of our performance in the red zone at about the 2:20 mark:

6. Miami might be better than everyone really thought, but let’s hold off on making that call. Anyone can beat A&M at home, just ask Arkansas State.

7. You think your friends that are FSU fans might want to trade places with you? How bad are things in Tallahassee? The worst thing heard out of Tallahassee isn’t that they couldn’t sell out their biggest home game of year. It isn’t the fact that they have actually regressed offensively from last year. The worst thing I have heard is that Figurehead Bobby Bowden is so mad at Jeffbo Fisher that Sir Bobby is planning on scripting the first 15 plays against Colorado.

8. Mergz to answer your question – no Ohio State isn’t an upper tier team. Ohio State is not a threat to win the MNC, plain and simple, and that was before they played USC.

9. The Pac-10 reminds me of how the ACC was a decade ago. USC will not have to play one decent team from here on out; and yet everyone says they are world beaters. Must be nice to play in a conference full of baseball schools.

10. Can someone explain to me why people complain about these things?


NoleCC said...

Don't confuse Tallahassee and FSU... Tallahassee is just fine... FSU football on the other hand... well let's just say the upper deck in Jax won't be open this weekend.

Gator Boys said...

Conservative Republicans no doubt... I also kind of like the jersey uniforms with the VB spandex

James said...

The Pac 10 - ACC comparison is a great one, I hadn't really thought much about that before.