Sunday, September 07, 2008

The late Field Goal

I've heard some grumbling about the field goal the Gators kicked with 48 seconds to go in the game against Miami. I think it's ironic that people would be so outraged that Meyer would elect to do such a thing when its exactly the kind of thing the Canes would have done in their heyday.

In 2002, ahead 35-16 in the Swamp, the Canes were still playing their starting QB Ken Dorsey and starting running back Willis McGahee in the fourth quarter. They had no compunction about putting another TD on the board and making it 41-16. That didn't bother me. The Gators are supposed to be big boys. If you don't want a team to run it up on you, stop them. We're not talking about a major program running it up against a 1AA school like Miami did vs. Charleston Southern last week (52-7).

Secondly, the Gators got rapped in 2006 for not winning with enough "style points" and almost didn't get to play OSU in the BCS title game because of it. One would think that style points includes beating the spread when you're favored. Given the ridiculous state of affairs with the so-called national championship, is it any surprise that teams try to pile on as many points as possible? A win isn't a win. You have to win and earn "style points".

We've had to put up with 23 years of Miami's crap, I think they can put up with a measly 4th quarter field goal. And if not, tough shit.


Anonymous said...

Neutral basically you are saying that if it is good for the goose, then it is good for the gander is that it gator? Nice to see that the Canes of old is the measuring stick for you guys.

Stay classy!

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Ok, Mr. Neutral Anonymous. Name for me one major college program that has never "run up" a score, or kicked a late FG to beat the spread, etc.

Plus you conveniently ignored the other argument that the popularity contest that is college football today requires gaudy scores and thus you never give up a chance to score.

Anonymous said...

Neutral basically you are saying that if it is good for the goose, then it is good for the gander is that it gator? Nice to see that the Canes of old is the measuring stick for you guys.

Stay classy!

Classy? Florida did its talking on the field. The only Gator to dare step out of line got smacked down by his coach. And Florida played a clean game. Miami did its talking before the game, quit after three quarters, and then whined afterward because the Gators did not accord them enough respect to show them mercy. Respect they had done little to earn and everything to squander.

No matter. UM gets to stew about it in futility for the next five years. That they can't get over it only heightens the pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, that was the ONLY field goal Florida kicked all game. I wouldn't be surprised if Meyer wanted his kicker to get some real-game practice in.

Nobody seemed to care last year when we basically gave Kentucky the last touchdown because it wasn't worth risking injury on either side of the ball to stop it with 10 seconds left, and them 14 behind...

Sometimes, there are other considerations that take precedent over the almighty spread.

Andrew said...

Would they rather we go for it on 4th down? Maybe throw one to the end zone... Or do we have to just hand them the ball back? Seriously...

UgaMatt said...

I couldn't care less if Florida ran it up or not, but the "Urban wanted to get his kick some work" argument is bullshit. If he wanted to get his kicker some work, he wouldn't have been throwing to the endzone that same drive.

Bryan said...

The game is 60 minutes. The game is a tough, physical game, and it is always at least 60 minutes long, barring any overtime.

If both teams have to be out there playing, what is the motivation of the winning team that shows up to play 60 minutes? Maybe they could just set up some tables at midfield and serve tea and scones and play canasta.

Besides, 3 points is not running up the score.

Don't diminish a man's game by imposing that soccer mom mentality. Just go watch soccer.

Anonymous said...

Well ugamatt, Meyer's three options at the point he called for the field goal:

1) Obviously, he can go for the field goal.
2) He can punt (On the 29!? Really? That would be more insulting than the field goal...)
3) He can say "Fuck you, Miami", and try to ram it down their throats for 6.

It's the second game of the season. For two and a half quarters, our offense looked dead. Why would he throw for the end-zone? Because it's Miami. I'd expect the same against Georgia, Tennessee or Florida State. Because real-game experience beats out practice experience, any day, and our starters were up against their first challenge of the season, and our next game is an away game at Neyland, and while the UCLA game didn't strike fear in many hearts, it's still a loud, inhospitable stadium and another tough, physical team. Because while we were about at the line, we weren't close to the expected score, thanks to a defense that finally showed up. Because getting a kicker experience isn't quite at important as getting your wide receivers experience. Because Carl Moore was taken out of the game by Randy Phillips. Because Randy Phillips then went on to hit Percy Harvin before he had the ball. Because they dared sack the Tebow.

The fact is, fourth down came up. You can try and get your recievers some more experience, or you can get your kicker some experience. The kicker's not going to get injured. A touchdown is REALLY running up the score, when it's 4th down.

And did I mention it's fucking MIAMI? I'm sorry, I didn't whine about Miami running up the score in 2002. After all, hey, we couldn't stop them. But we turn around and hang /a field goal/ on them, and it's 'running up the score' and 'a disgrace'? Really?

skigator93 said...

Notwithstanding the ridiculous accusation that kicking a late FG is "running up the score," I can hardly believe that our kicker is going to be more ready to kick in Neeland after nailing the chip shot in the waning moments of a game well in hand.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to simulate crowd noise well in a practice environment.

I'd rather he go in with any experience, even a 29 yard chip shot, than none at all. Especially when it's Tennessee.

jj gator said...

Hey, if Randy Shannon or Warren Sapp don't like the fact that (1) the Canes lost to the Gators and (2) we went for and made that late field goal, too goddamn bad. They can't win them all, and if they were expecting a game ala moRon Zook who went into "prevent" mode after amassing a lead back in 2003they were sadly mistaken.

As far as Shannon and Sapp bitching about that FG - in the words of Urban Meyer they both need to "NUT UP" and act like men instead of a couple of blithering crybabies.

As far as "style points" go, I also could care less about that crap. A win is a WIN when all is said and done; we proved that back in 2006 when we wound up at the NC.

GO GATORS!!!!!!!