Wednesday, September 03, 2008

BlogPoll Submitted

There were a number of helpful suggestions and comments to my BlogPoll.

I made one small change – I dropped Tennessee from the top 25, and added offensive powerhouse Texas Tech. Upon further reflection, the way the Vols lost that game was inexcusable. They don’t deserve to be ranked right now.

I remain uncomfortable with many of my rankings, especially Miami. At this point however, one should be uncomfortable with ranking teams based on a single game.

As for the change in my voting style, I decided the “high delta” process I used last year made me uncomfortable. Were I using last year’s process, USC would have been number one, and Alabama number 2. This year I plan on using a modified “resume” system that won’t really have enough information until about week 4, or after everyone has had a chance to play a real game.

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