Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The SEC – ACC Cup Challenge

In looking at the 2008 football schedule I noticed an unusually large number of matchups between SEC and ACC teams in 2008, ten in fact.

So to stoke the natural rivalry between the two conferences, we are instituting the totally unofficial Saurian Sagacity SEC – ACC Cup Challenge. We will name a conference winner by season’s end.

The conference winner will be, quite simply, the conference that racks up the most wins.

Scheduled games –

August 28th – NC State at South Carolina

August 30th – Clemson v Alabama (Atlanta)

September 6th – Miami at Florida
Wake Forest at Mississippi

September 20th – Mississippi State at Georgia Tech

October 25th – Duke at Vanderbilt

November 29th – Florida at FSU
Georgia Tech at Georgia
Wake Forest at Vanderbilt
Clemson at South Carolina

May the best conference prevail.


NoleCC said...

My gut reaction is that it will be 5-5.

Anonymous said...

SEC goes 7-3:

Wake beats Vandy
Clemson beats USC (again)
And either Bama or MSU loses.


Gator said...

I think 7-3

Mergz said...

If it goes 5-5, we will have to use whatever bowl game the SEC and ACC matchup in as the tie breaker.

Unless of course they split that too...

Mhoram said...

I'm thinking 6-4 (Vandy loses twice).

Is there any bowl game other than the Peach bowl that is SEC/ACC? I don't think so unless it works out that way for a BCS game (and that would have to be the championship since the ACC is locked into the Orange and the SEC into the Sugar).

Anonymous said...

You think Vandy loses TWICE?

You're aware that one of the teams they play is /DUKE/, right?

As in... Duke...