Thursday, August 21, 2008

Make Fun of My Poll, Will Ya?

Brian, the maestro and fearless BlogPoll leader of MGoBlog, commented somewhat critically on my preseason BlogPoll with the following –

Saurian Sagacity takes the first Mr. Bold of the year for such oddities as QB-less LSU #2, QB-less and OL-less Michigan #8(!?!?!?!?!?!), Florida State #10(!?), Miami #15, Notre Dame #16... is this poll from 1988?

Well now, it seems Jeff Sagarin – he of BCS Computer formula contribution – is out with his preseason poll, which is -

1 Southern California
3 Ohio State
4 Oklahoma
5 Florida
6 Virginia Tech
7 West Virginia
8 Texas
9 Georgia
10 Auburn
11 Michigan
12 Oregon
13 Tennessee
14 California
15 Louisville
16 Penn State
17 Missouri
18 Boston College
19 Clemson
20 Wisconsin
21 Arizona State
22 BYU
23 Texas Tech
24 Oregon State
25 Florida State

Ha! Take that will you! Seems ole’ Jeff and I have the same number 1, 2 and 3 (with maligned LSU taking that 2 spot). Not to mention Sagarin has Michigan at 11 (versus my 8), and FSU ranked at 25th. That's right - those 'Nolies are ranked, dammit!

Did I mention Sagarin is a contributor to the BCS? Who’s laughing now?

Oh yeah, that’s right – we practically made a career of challenging his methodology last season, at this link and too many others to mention.

Well just for the record, I was against Sagarin before I was for him. Or something.

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MGoBlog = Michigan Wankers