Thursday, August 28, 2008

All Your Faces Are Belong to Us

So I'm watching college football (let that sink in a second), and what should be South Carolina's marquee Thursday kick off against NC State features -

A Gator in the booth,

A Gator reporting from the sidelines,

And a Gator coaching the home team.

We Are Everywhere.


Jesse Palmer has a giant head said...

LOL, nice CFB Awards NOMINEE logos on the side of your blog, congrats on being one of the 8 million blogs nominated for an imaginary internet award.

NoleCC said...

So is herpes, what's your point?

Gator said...

Why does a Nole troll on Gator site?

NoleCC said...

Oh Gator I'm buddies with this crew... it's just a joke. :)

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Yeah, don't sweat it Gator.

As for the first commenter, what's your blog? What are your accolades?

jj gator said...

Like one of the spots for UF once said, the University of Florida is in Gainesville but the Gator Nation is everywhere - and proud.