Friday, July 25, 2008

University of Milford Hurricanes?

As the dog days of summer reach their apex, the scent of fall, well, the scent of burnt skin from late August 100+ degree in the air.

Even as we speak, coaches in their final, manic preparations eagerly await the arrival of talented young freshmen, sure to breathe life into their sugar plum visions of conference championships and BCS bowl bids.

Nowhere is this influx more eagerly awaited than at the practice fields of Coach Randy Shannon, located just off S. Dixie Hwy., at UM....the University of Milford.

It seems that the always meddlesome interloper, minimum NCAA academic requirements, have arrested the matriculation of at least three of Coach Shannon's vaunted 2008 recruiting class.

As of this writing, UM recruits Brandon Washington (#4 OG in nation per Scout), Antonio Harper (#20 LB in nation per Scout) and C.J. Odoms will forego Coral Gables (or is that NE Kendall) for the arctic clime of New Berlin, NY and Milford Academy.

The added threat exists that Benjamin Jones, C. J. Holton and Zach Kane may join their classmates. It seems that the exemplary high school academic achievements of Mssrs. Jones and Holton have yet to be recognized by the NCAA, while Mr. Kane remains under grand jury investigation for felony battery.

The University of Milford has a long association with it's NW New York State feeder school. In his typically self-serving autobiography, former University of Nebraska defensive lineman and bon vivant Jason Peter credits former University of Milford Assistant Coach Art Kehoe for directing him to Milford Academy, where he allegedly became addicted to painkillers and gained 30 lbs. of muscle in a single year.

Indeed, this association, continues through the present.

Last year's lackluster Hurricane team boasted no fewer than three Milford Academy alumni: Antonio Dixon (Milford Academy Defensive MVP-2004), Richard Gordon and Graig Cooper (Milford Academy Offensive MVP-2006).

So, when you see that familiar orange and green U, don't think University of Miami....think University of Milford!!


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