Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Curse of the Tiddly Winks

While innocently seeking edification and inspiration for future posts as I scoured the internet for mugshots, I tripped upon the following rather aged post from the BuffaloBeast blog discussing the history of the f$u QB position in the immediate aftermath of Wyatt Sexton's siesta from reality.

While it may not be as long-lived as the Cubbies' Curse of the Billy Goat or claimed as many victims as the 21 untimely deaths attributed to the Curse of the King Tut's Tomb, the fact remains that f$u has been unable to recruit and keep an unblemished high school quarterback since Charlie Ward gave way to Danny Kannell.

As the position has yet to stabilize, the post remains apropos.

BuffaloBeast writes:

"The Sexton incident continues one of the standout positional trends in college football. Six of the last seven FSU quarterbacks have either been kicked off the team or arrested, the only notable exception being Chris Weinke, who after all was already 38 years old when he enrolled. Last year’s QB, Chris Rix, was once bounced from the team for failing to take a final exam, and was also twice caught parking in handicapped zones on campus, inspiring protests of FSU games by the disabled. Before that, there was Adrian McPherson, who was arrested for check forgery and kicked off the team en route to the New Orleans Saints. Back farther there was Jared Jones, bounced from the team for the ominous “undisclosed violation” (said to be breaking into a neighbor’s home to cook hot dogs); Dan Kendra, caught trying to buy a rare alligator and then also caught detonating a bomb outside his dorm; and Marcus Outzen, a bar fight specialist who was also once arrested for the classic college football crime of punching out a car window."

This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on Drew Weatherford.

After decades of Coach Bowden's shamelessness is it Kismet, Karma, the hand of God....or merely coincidence?

No. The curse began in the 90's, when f$u misappropriated state funds to enclose the steel girders of Doak Campbell stadium with a brick facade.

Here at Saurian Sagacity, we are not superstitious and we don't believe in curses, so we're rooting for Mr. Weatherford. We have no desire to bear continued witness to this tradition of humiliating behavior and poor play.

We want him to break the curse.

He succeeds merely by not getting benched and keeping his nose clean. He doesn't have to play well, there is no need to exceed the previous displays of limited ability to which we've become accustomed. He merely needs to stay on the field. He needs to survive and live honorably.

But if in fact he should fail, only razing the facade and humble acceptance of the oversized high school football stadium that is Doak Campbell Stadium will extinguish this curse.


jj gator said...

If there's an air of bad karma at the School Out West right now, I say GOOD. What goes around comes around, and they asked for it. What they did in the 90's has come back to bite them in the ass - the misappropriation of state finds, the Free Shoes and Felonious Shoppers (Dillards) capers, what Mr. Gibson did, and the other incidents KGB made note of. Let's not forget the Darnell Dockett incident in 2001, and NEVER forget The Swindle in The Swamp of 2003.

Screw f$u as far as I'm concerned.

Gator KGB said...

Well and Strongly put!

Anonymous said...

Mostly Darnell Dockett... How come more wasnt made of that? It was obvious he was dirty.