Sunday, January 20, 2008

Seven In A Row

Over Kentucky basketball, that is, tying the record (with Notre Dame) for consecutive wins over the ‘Cats. The Gators can take the all time record over Kentucky when we play at Rupp on March 9th in the regular season finale.

I attended the game last night, which had the elevated excitement of the presence of ESPN College Gameday. My seats were right next to the Gameday setup, and I snapped a couple of photos with my IPhone.

As soon as the game tipped off Rece began devouring a bag of popcorn, while Digger disappeared for most of the first half. Hubert Davis seemed to be the only one actually watching the game.

Rece tears into the popcorn with gusto while Hubert watches the game
To Digger’s credit he did return for the entire second half and OT, where he spent much of the time mock leading the band and trying to rile up the Rowdy Reptiles.

The game had the added benefit of a football recruiting event, with Tebow taking the court during a break to “thank” the students for their support while showcasing the Heisman trophy, which appeared mid-court. He “apologized” for the 9-4 record of this past season, promising better. He then made the shamelesy brilliant move of asking for “help” while pointing to the elite group of recruits seated behind us who were watching with Meyer and the coaches.
Tebow then went and sat next to Coach Meyer, and was interviewed by Florida’s own Erin Andrews.

Gator alum Andrews interviews Tebow
All in all it had to be an impressive show for the recruits. Word has a certain star defensive tackle from Georgia telling several folks he is coming to Gainesville.

The game itself was pretty ugly basketball, but the Gators got the W, and extended their streak over Kentucky. All in all, an excellent (if somewhat cold) night in Gainesville, with a post game celebration at The Swamp (bar, not stadium) lasting well into the night.


Truzenzuzex said...

I forgot to come by and congratulate you guys on the great win.

We are disappointed, but life goes on. Great job.

JJ Gator said...

The minute I turned the TV on after my first cup of coffee on Saturday morning, Tim Tebow was giving the roundball College Gameday crew that now-famous "pep talk".

It was a big weekend as far as Gator sports were concerned, and in spite of the fact hat our guys struggled at times they were able to oull off the win - Nick Calathes is emerging as our next big hoops star and the leader of this young Gator team.

Henry Gomez said...


You're a scholar and gentleman. Thank you.

DolFan 316 said...

Yeah I saw that game. It was basically Calathes' coming out party. I thought for sure they'd blown it when they let UK send it to OT but they got it together and the Cats just ran out of gas.

It doesn't matter what their record is, to me UK will always be the Evil Empire of the SEC as far as men's hoops is concerned.

JJ Gator said...

Tennessee, a/k/a "UcheaT", is slowly becoming an Evil Empire in basketball as well.

DolFan 316 said...

I still think Pat Summitt got a divorce because she was cheating on her ex-hubby with Bruce Pearl. I mean come on, Pearl shows up shirtless at Lady Vols' games last year to offer his "support"? That's just not normal.

JJ Gator said...

Yeah, and Bruce Pearl split with his wife in the off-season too.

DolFan 316 said...

See? SEE?!

I'm telling you, they're in a tryst and the Vols don't want anybody to know. I'm serious--the signs were all there, and pretty obvious too.